IMA launches podcast to put marketing back in touch with reality

The ‘Real Talk’ series is designed to cut through the noise with honest conversations

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

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Global marketing agency, IMA, has launched a new podcast series to cut through the noise of the marketing industry. The podcast takes aim at industry jargon and the truth that the marketing industry is often detached from the realities of life. The ‘Real Talk’ podcast aims to put marketing back in touch with reality to encourage the inward-facing sector to look outward.

The agency is calling out ‘BS’ by speaking the truth on the many topics affecting the industry. Each episode invites an industry leader to call BS on a chosen theme. These will include meaty questions such as ‘Are the robots going to take over?’ and the UK’s north-south divide.

IMA Managing Director, Alex Uprichard, and IMA Chief Executive Partner, Nickii Gray, will host the industry podcast. Guests will include Josh Krichefski, IPA, Jason Spencer, ITV’s Business Director, and Lauren Fabianski of Pregnant Then Screwed.

The episodes are aimed at brand leaders, marketers, and agency folk, with some IMA experts joining to share their thoughts. ‘Real Talk’ is intended to appeal to people who are seeking thought-provoking and straight-talking dialogue.

The debut episode sees the hosts joined by best-selling Author and Creative Director, Amy Kean, and Seb Randle, Head of Allyship at Bloom North and Founder of The Helpful Space. The team tackled the topic of bias.

Specifically, they talk about an issue often seen in the marketing space: the difference in terminology for describing female leaders versus their male counterparts. The episode will also cover the importance of language, the reality of imposter syndrome, and advice on combating bias, in a frank and honest conversation.

The podcast's Co-Host Alex Uprichard, explains: "Marketing often seems like it’s talking to itself, we’re in a world riddled with empty jargon. The industry needs a bit of a reality check”.

She continued, “Real is a word that’s firmly rooted in the DNA of IMA, so it felt right for our podcast to focus on keeping it real. With each episode based around cutting the BS, we spark healthy debate and discussion. Expect great conversation, great company, and definitely no BS!”.

The podcast will launch on Spotify and other platforms on the 8th of May. Episodes will be released bi-weekly.

In an industry that has the ability to have such social impact, it is important to keep things grounded. ‘Real Talk’ highlights the need to look outward to stay connected with the world in which it operates. The podcast aims to pave the way for more open and honest conversations.

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