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Pringles launches new campaign to promote Multigrain range

The new campaign from Grey London highlights the brand's healthier range.

Josie Shand



Pringles has launched a new brand campaign, created by Grey London, to promote its healthier Multigrain range.

With increased regulations hitting foods high in fat, salt and sugar snack brands are increasing their investment in launching healthier alternatives.

The campaign features three friends sharing the new Pringles Multigrain crisps and commenting to one another about how they are ‘wonderfully different’. The friends remark that they are a bit like the hamster, which appears in the next shot in a typical habitat but with a keyboard and lightshow, performing some dramatic electro music. 

Clearly not your average hamster. The point is that the new Pringles Multigrain are different, they contain fibre and grains, but yet, they are still very familiar in terms of taste and packaging. 

“Our brains love things that are moderately incongruent - new news coupled with the comfort of familiarity. This is what this campaign brings to the table, something unusual and something we know and love. Same, yet wonderfully different - just like Pringles Multigrain. And how better to bring this all to life than a keyboard playing, howling hamster.” explained David Wigglesworth, Executive Creative Director at Grey London.

The campaign aims to target social explorers that are willing to try something new, and so TV and social spots aim to highlight the fun in everyday moments and sharing with others. 

In addition, design-led hamster-sized gig posters have been produced and have been fly posted across London and shared on social channels to tease the launch of the Wonderfully Different campaign.  

The spot will run across TV,  video on demand channels and across social media in the UK until March 15th. 

Elena Mancini, Marketing Manager at Kellogg’s EU, added: “People are increasingly conscious about what they eat but they don’t want to give up on taste which remains the number one category driver. The new Pringles Multigrain range opens up a new taste dimension and this fun and surprising campaign is sure to spark curiosity and trial.”

The off-the-wall spot sees Grey and Pringles strike a healthy balance, showcasing Pringles Multigrain’s nutritional benefits while delivering a healthy serving of humour. 

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