Science in Sport and M&C Saatchi prove ‘You Can’t Beat Science’

Performance Nutrition Brand, Science in Sport (SiS), has created a new platform to highlight the research that goes into making the energy products effective

Jeevan Georgina Hammond

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Performance nutrition brand, Science in Sport (SiS) has launched a new brand platform called ‘You Can’t Beat Science’ which uses research to demonstrate its stand-out energy products.

Created in partnership with the agency M&C Saatchi, the platform follows last year’s ‘The Tour’ campaign. It intends to cut through the competition by highlighting how the brand’s products are backed by research and science. In doing so, the brand hopes to stand out to its audience of endurance sport enthusiasts.

Aiming to reach sporting consumers who run multiple marathons a year, or opt for intense training on a Sunday morning instead of a lie in, the platform highlights the research that goes into producing SiS’s products. This includes research into fuelling the body, and what it needs for recovery periods. The brand wished to show how its insights make the energy products a cut above the rest.

Research for the new brand platform was conducted by M&C Saatchi’s The Source. Using focus groups composed of the brand’s target audience, the agency looked into the biggest motivations for training. It found that the most important driver was not competition with others, but with oneself. Individuals were driven to beat their previous ‘personal bests’ and constantly outdo themselves.

With this insight, ‘You Can’t Beat Science’ forefronted personal achievement and endurance, showcasing how SiS products can help consumers get there. As part of the launch, Science in Sport released a new print campaign composed of various images in black and white, depicting real athletes as they compete.

Science in Sport 01.jpg

Each image utilises copy to emphasise the role of science, and SiS’s energy products, for athletes. In one shot of a runner passing the finish line, the copy reads: ‘I’d just like to thank my coach, my family, my friends. And a professor of nutrition in Blackburn’. At the bottom of the image it reads, ‘We like to think we’ve done our bit by condensing decades of rigorous scientific research and testing, into 600 ml of liquid.’

Matt Lee, Executive Creative Director of M&C Saatchi, explained: “This campaign shows that if there’s one thing they need on their side, then it’s science. Because you really can’t beat it”.

SiS are using this latest brand platform to showcase the research, and science, that goes into making its products be the best they can be. Having fueled 74 medal wins at the 2020 Olympic Games, the ‘You Can’t Beat Science’ campaign, comes just in time to put SiS in consumer’s minds, ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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