Uber Eats restaurants are Open For Suhoor

A new campaign from Uber Eats helps those observing Ramadan to find restaurants open for Suhoor

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


For those observing Ramadan this year, Uber Eats has launched a new campaign to help users find restaurants open for Suhoor.

Suhoor is a meal eaten anytime after Iftar, the breaking of fast, and before Fajr, (dawn). While the days are short, these meals will be consumed late at night when traditionally a limited food options are available for delivery.

Throughout Ramadan, Uber Eats is running a campaign titled, Open For Suhoor, that highlights some of the Halal Restaurant partners available on its app that are running extended hours to offer Suhoor.

In 2023, Uber Eats found that over 2400 restaurants extended their opening times on the app to cater for those observing Ramadan, including 288 dessert restaurants across the UK. To guide people toward these restaurants, Mother London has helped Uber Eats to create a dynamic campaign leveraging the bold, neon aesthetic of late night to speak to British Muslims with a celebratory tone.

Out-of-home spots feature creative that moves away from the typical visual tropes and cliches often associated with Ramadan, to instead make use of bright colours and visual movement to create a more modern look and feel. While social media spots utilise the flickering of bright neon lights to bring to life the excitement of the night.

To ensure that Uber drivers and couriers are also able to observe Iftar Uber Eats has also brought back its ‘Sundown Spots’ iftar dinners. ‘Sundown Spots’ is a series of pop-up restaurants offering free food to mark Iftar and support the hardworking delivery couriers and Uber drivers operating throughout Ramadan in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Manchester.

“The Open For Suhoor campaign is an excellent demonstration of how Uber Eats is supporting not only our customers observing Ramadan but also our outstanding restaurant partners across the UK who are extending their opening hours during this Holy Month,” added Matthew Price, General Manager UK, Ireland, and Northern Europe at Uber Eats. “We're also delighted to reintroduce our Sundown Spots iftar dinners to express our appreciation to our incredible drivers who continue to work with Uber whilst fasting. We are also offering a to-go option for couriers who wish to keep delivering on Uber Eats during this time.”

Open For Suhoor uses eye-catching creative to meet the needs of audiences whilst showcasing the breadth of options available on the app.

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