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Joint and Amazon change the narrative for Rapunzel and Cleopatra

Amazon Prime packs a punch as Rapunzel and Cleopatra rewrite history


Amazon Prime

‘Cleopatra has a change of heart’ answers the question, what would the famous Egyptian queen have done differently if she had a Prime account? And the answer is obviously that she’d have been inspired by Keem Akeem from Coming to America 2 to be a more gracious ruler,

Joint, London

A frustrated Rapunzel tires of waiting for her prince to free her from her tower and breaks free thanks to a ladder delivered by Amazon Prime. Elsewhere Cleopatra reassesses her life as an over privileged diva and gets into motorbikes. 

Through these two punchy narratives, Amazon remakes two historical female leads fit for a fresh generation. The global campaign for Amazon Prime, which launched in the US this week, is brimming with energy.

Created by Joint, the campaign was written by PJ Kirby, Rory Robinson, Algy Sharman and Jack Brough, and directed by Wayne McClammy at Hungry Man. It will run globally across TV, Radio, Digital and Social.

In the midst of a global pandemic in which for many consumers Amazon Prime became their significant other, or at the very least their significant expenditure, the confident and creative campaign hits all the right notes. As ecommerce and direct to consumer channels continue to grow, investing in brand building is crucial for the retail mammoth that continues to expand into every aspect of consumers' lives. 

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