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Landsec campaign pokes fun at those awkward Christmas conversations

The new spot for Landsec shopping centers and retail outlets from Snap London tells audiences to avoid awkwardness and leave people speechless with gifts

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief



Whilst getting together is one of the many joys of Christmas, family reunions are not without challenging conversations. The latest Christmas campaign for Landsec shopping centers and retail outlets from Snap London encourages audiences to avoid the awkwardness and ‘leave people speechless’ with great gifts.

The tongue in cheek video spot stars all the stereotypical difficult Christmas guests from the ‘not like in my day’ Grandad to the gym obsessed teen and the never not on social media Aunt. While the protagonist swerves from one cringe inducing conversation to the next, she finally manages to distract her family from talking with gifts that ‘leave people speechless this Christmas’.

‘Truth is – although we love them dearly, at Christmas we're often stuck with extended family, listening to dodgy opinions and inane chat with nowhere to escape. We’re just reminding people that buying people lovely gifts from Landsec’s many shopping centres and outlets is a great way to ‘leave them speechless’.’ says Oliver Lewis-Barclay, Managing Partner at Snap.

The campaign acts as a reminder that there are shopping centre up and down the country such as Bluewater and Trinity Leeds that are ideal for finding conversation stopping gifts this Christmas.

Where many campaigns present an idealised version of Christmas where everything is perfect, this campaign shows a far more familiar scene for many. Family get-togethers aren’t always picture-perfect but by addressing the awkwardness with humour and fun the Christmas magic remains. 

‘I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations that the characters are based on people I know.’ jokes Liam Wilson, Creative Director at Snap.

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