Moonpig encourages fathers and sons to donate blood for Mother’s Day

Moonpig’s latest campaign feels particularly pertinent as the company teams up with the NHS Blood & Transplant service to celebrate mothers while simultaneously encourage fathers and sons to donate blood.

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor, BITE


Research has revealed that 62% of dads are unaware that blood loss at childbirth is one of the leading uses of blood donation. Men’s blood is vitally important for blood transfusions in new-born babies and babies still inside the womb.

It’s a concern that feels particularly acute during a time of global crisis as hospitals are overrun but patients still need blood. Which is why Moonpig’s latest campaign feels particularly pertinent. The company has teamed up with the NHS Blood and Transplant service to create Mother’s Day cards encouraging fathers and sons to donate blood while simultaneously celebrating mothers. The campaign invites men to ‘Give a gift that matters’. At a time when many of us will be separated from our mothers, the message is even more powerful.

The range of 10 cards feature funny and heartfelt designs including, ‘Mummy, you’re bloody brilliant (sorry for swearing)’ and ‘You’re my type of mum. I love you.’ Several of the designs were created by children whose mums benefitted from blood transfusions and 10% of all card sales will be donated to the mental health charity Mind.

While travel restrictions are in place and the country is on partial lockdown, the NHS still needs people to donate blood, particularly men, who make up only 41% of donations given. Every time you give blood, you could save or improve the lives of three adults or six babies, according to the NHS Blood and Transplant service. The NHS’ website is continuously updating its coronavirus information regarding blood donation so check in regularly to stay informed.

While we all self-isolate and many are separated from family and friends, Moonpig offers the means to connect virtually. Send an e-card or design one online to be posted for you. You may not be able to be with some of or all your loved ones this Mother’s Day but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate it wherever and however we can.

Visit Moonpig's website to buy and send a card this Mother's Day.

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