Tim Walker - i-D The Creativity Issue

Izzy Ashton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Tim Walker - i-D The Creativity Issue

Tim Walker, the incomparable and unconventional fashion photographer, has partnered with the British magazine i-D on The Creativity Issue, photographing 135 people over 33 days to celebrate the best of London’s up and coming creative minds. Walker, whose fashion photography has seen him capture Kristen McMenamy as an ethereal mermaid and Edie Campbell within biting distance of a lion, set out to establish what set creative Londoners apart from their peers.

Walker’s mantra for the campaign was ‘Stay weird, stay different’, something that he has embodied within his own work since he started shooting in 1995. He wanted to meet the next generation of photographers, artists, designers, and models to see what he could learn from them. It is those creatively minded people, Walker maintains, that will shake up the system, at the precise point that Britain needs it most. As he said in the opening interview with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Holly Shackleton, “Political turmoil always exaggerates creativity”.

Walker believes that, as a photographer, you have to have faith in what you are photographing; you have to really mean it. The central mechanism of the camera is the mirror, and it is the notion of the mirror in particular that is integral to becoming a powerful photographer. Through meeting and shooting young creatives, Walker mirrored his own beliefs about the world. His project demonstrated the power and importance of consistently learning from, and being challenged by, London-based, brilliant, creative minds.

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