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Influence in a post COVID-19 world

Rahul Titus, Head of Influence at Ogilvy UK introduces the agency’s latest report about the evolution of influencer marketing during COVID-19 and offers the trends to look for post-lockdown.

Rahul Titus

Head of Influence Ogilvy UK


At a time where consumers have been confined to their homes, and social contact has been limited, influence has been pulling to the forefront of our increasingly virtual reality. Where other channels have been on the back foot, unable to activate amongst social distancing, influence has found itself in a unique position.

This industry is born out of bedrooms and built upon the ability to create virtual connections. Its agility is well suited to a climate in which circumstances change on a daily basis. During these turbulent times, it’s those who we opt-in to engage with on a daily basis that we’re choosing to listen to, and marketeers need to take note.

However, it’s also becoming apparent that we cannot look to follow a linear post-COVID-19 strategy. Instead we must look at an evolving loop for the changing stages of lockdown. One which sees strategies needing to flex and flow, depending on a rapidly shifting societal structure and freedoms.

As the economy slowly starts coming out of lockdown, here are some considerations to help supercharge your influencer plans and help inform your brand strategies.

Brands need to be looking to digital tastemakers for the new cultural milestones of 2020.

Rahul Titus

Visit Ogilvy UK's profile to download the full report and find out more about the evolution of influencer marketing during the COVID-19 crisis and the latest trends to help inform your influencer marketing plans post lockdown.

Guest Author

Rahul Titus

Head of Influence Ogilvy UK


Rahul has been a prominent player in the word of influencer marketing right from its infancy. He is the Head of Influence at Ogilvy, having built the influence specialism in the past couple of years. He is in charge of setting the strategic direction of the Ogilvy influence proposition that covers that full spectrum of influencer work, from celebrities all the way to micro-influencers. He heads up a team of creative experts who are responsible for delivering best in class influencer marketing for clients including Walgreens Boots Alliance, Bacardi, Vans, PlayStation, Unilever, TK Maxx, British Airways and Mattel. He has presented and commented on expertise around influence for Blogosphere, Campaign, The Drum and PRWeek. Rahul has a degree in Finance and Economics from Christ College and a Masters in Marketing from the University of Manchester.

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