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CB X Lucky Generals Podcast: Uncomfortable Conversations, Episode 1

For the first episode of Lucky General's podcast on intersectionality, premiering at BITE LIVE 2020, we explore who works within the creative industries. What are we doing that's working and what do we need to be doing differently?


If 2020, a  year like no other has taught us anything, it is that to make meaningful change it is no longer good enough to be “not racist”. We need to be “anti-racist”, actively combating racism all of the time.” 

For BITE LIVE this year we are determined to shine a light on the individuals and organisations pushing for progress on this issue. Which is why we are so excited to launch Lucky General’s podcast on intersectionality, Uncomfortable Conversations. Each month, a new episode will ignite a conversation about the issues and obstacles holding back progress in our industry. 

This first episode will explore who works within the creative industries. It will look at how brands and agencies can move from talk to action and how can we get there faster? What are we doing that's working and what do we need to be doing differently?

With the coronavirus crisis disproportionately impacting people of colour and women, this in depth and honest discussion will look at how to be an active ally; how to act now to make meaningful change to level the playing field both for our industry and for society at large.



Nicola Kemp.jpg

Nicola Kemp | Creativebrief

Editorial Director
Katie Hooper, Lucky Generals.jpg

Katie Hooper | Lucky Generals

Account Director



Yolanta Boti | Ogilvy UK


Asad Dhunna | The Unmistakables

Leila Siddiqi, IPA.PNG

Leila Siddiqi | IPA

Associate Director Diversity

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