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BITE LIVE 2020: #ThisIsProgress

Although this year is unlike any other, marked by pervasive global uncertainty, we are still inspired by inclusive industry leaders, stereotype-busting campaigns and the hope that a new generation of creatives bring.

Izzy Ashton

Deputy Editor, BITE


September has always been a time of change and learning, a back-to-school feeling that captures the optimism in the air. Although this year is unlike any other, marked by pervasive global uncertainty, we are still inspired by inclusive industry leaders, stereotype-busting campaigns and the hope that a new generation of creatives bring. 

It is this positive energy that is at the heart of this year’s BITE LIVE event, which we are running as a free week-long virtual series of live workshops, a podcast and conversations around change with leading industry figures.

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Under the theme #ThisIsProgress, we will be highlighting how our industry is moving forward under five key topics: Creativity, Culture, Climate, Crisis and Community. The sessions will provide vibrant food for thought combined with actionable insight into how we can collectively create a more progressive, effective and inclusive industry.

Each session will deliver actionable insights for the audience to take back into their working life, whether that takes place at home, desk, kitchen table or other useful surface, and implement in creative strategy, planning or marketing budgets.


Monday 23rd November: CULTURE

There is no question that the coronavirus crisis has had a phenomenal impact on consumer behaviours across industries. The pause on live events has created a cultural void and this editorial strand of BITE LIVE 2020 will look at the opportunity for brands to step up to create moments that matter. It will examine how brands, agencies and media owners can rise to this opportunity.

  • 10am-11am - Play it forward: Changing the narrative to confront racist myths in sport

  • 2pm-3pm LIVE - No time for imposters: How to boot that crisis of confidence to the curb & kick start your creative career in the Covid era
  • 4pm-5pm - CB X Lucky Generals Podcast
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Tuesday 24th November: CREATIVITY

If the coronavirus crisis has demonstrated anything, it’s the power of creativity under constraint to solve problems, inspire and help keep business thriving. Creativity is the life blood of the communications industries so this editorial strain will examine the best in class moments, the campaigns and ideas that have inspired this year. It will highlight and champion the problem-solving nature of creativity within the context of a year like no other as well as how creativity can help to shape a better future for everyone.

  • 10am-10:30am - Calling time on corporate gas lighting
  • 2pm-3pm LIVE - A Storytelling Masterclass with Havas London’s Vicki Maguire & Kate Mosse
  • 4pm-5pm - It is possible to raise the bar: Marketing lessons from the female lens
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Wednesday 25th November: COMMUNITY

2020 has brought communities together like never before. Whether that’s clapping for carers on doorsteps, exchanging baked goods and recipes over the garden fence or simply looking out for one another in times of crisis. This editorial strand of BITE LIVE 2020 will look at how we can build and reflect communities within marketing that are representative of the world we live in. It will examine how businesses can create safe spaces in which everyone can thrive, tackling topics like microaggressions, ageism and neurodiversity.

  • 10am-10:45am - Staying sane & pushing for progress: How establishing communities in the workplace can drive D&I, foster positive culture and drive business success
  • 2pm-3pm LIVE - Change, creativity & courage in a crisis: Why now is the time to start something new 
  • 4pm-5pm - She Takes Over Talks: Recognise & represent
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Thursday 26th November: CRISIS

This editorial strand seems to underpin every other for this year’s BITE LIVE event as the current global pandemic became a crisis that we are all still living through. The sessions in this strand will highlight aspects of our society that have arguably been thrown into crisis, whether that’s masculinity, mental health or diverse representation. The conversations will examine how the industry can move through these points of crises to emerge stronger and more inclusive on the other side. It will look at how the industry can ensure that progress does not fall victim to the crisis.

  • 10am-10:30am - Masculinity in crisis
  • 2pm-2:30pm - Too old, too young, just right: How the industry’s obsession with age is undermining progress
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Friday 27th November: CLIMATE

Arguably even in the midst of a global pandemic, protecting the environment and understanding the impact humanity is having on our climate has never been more important. This editorial strand of BITE LIVE 2020 will look at the businesses and brands tackling this topic head on, those who are operating as positive forces for good. It will explore the media's role in funding climate change denial whilst also offering examples of where the communications industry is stepping up to lead the change.

  • 10am-10:30am - Bleed red, think green: A marketing masterclass from DAME
  • 2pm-2:15pm - How advertising is funding climate science denial
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In a challenging, fast-evolving marketplace, it’s undeniable that diversity in all its forms is vital to making a creative and cultural impact, and we are passionate about the power of virtual events to bring the creative community together at a time of unprecedented change and disruption. This is why BITE LIVE 2020 is free to attend. 

If you want a reminder of just how impactful BITE LIVE can be, then dive into last year’s in-depth trend report here. And be sure to sign up for updates, so you’re the first to hear about our stellar line-up and how and when you can watch them in action.

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