The Art of Anticipation

Marketing trend - The Art of Anticipation - featuring Dynamo, Krow, Fiat, NBC, Brooklyn Brothers, adidas, TBWA, Baileys, Unity

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Our culture is obsessed with ‘new’ says a study by agency Five by Five and Marketing Week, which found 72% of UK consumers are excited by launches. This isn’t surprising when you look at the hysteria surrounding new tech products. Apple, is widely regarded as an expert at building hype. They release just enough information to tease the audience often in a cryptic way to heighten anticipation.

Similarly, the entertainment industry has always been a trailblazer when it comes to creating a buzz around upcoming releases. We can learn from the launch activity surrounding TV shows, videogames and movies. Take for instance, the unveiling of Bond’s new Aston Martin weeks before filming for the new movie had even begun, grabbing column inches around the globe.

The study also highlighted the consumers’ desire to try something new, 50% of those surveyed pointed to this as a main factor  when purchasing a product. Millennials in particular love to be the first to experience something amongst their peers with social media giving them the opportunity to share news or content before their friends.

With new experiences high on consumer agendas, brands are launching more products to take advantage of this. To make a real impact marketers must find innovative ways to create hype that sustains interest long after the launch has passed.

Read on for examples…

Dynamo’s magic touch helps launch FIAT 500X

Fiat needed to create excitement across Europe in the run up to the launch of their new 500X model. According to insight from the brand, their target demographic of couples buying cars together tended to be dismissive of traditional advertising. With this in mind a campaign was put together that created the desire to engage and share. This began with a series of roadshows premiering the world-first virtual reality test drive 360 degree/3D experience film. The film featured Dynamo who added a magic touch to the showcasing of the car.

Using Dynamo’s huge social following, online films and content were then created and shared to help bring to life #ThePowerofX.

The official launch was advertised in press and social, with opportunities for followers to win tickets to the grand unveiling of the 500X, which took place at London’s Olympic Park.

Agency: krow communications, London

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NBC makes the Premier League a US sensation

To introduce the Premier League to their sports channel, NBC had to create a buzz around soccer in the US market. Encouraging the American public to ‘Pick A Side’, NBC took over the NYC subway, Times Square and offered authentic British cab rides to fans. They also introduced Ted Lasso, a spoof American Tottenham Hotspur manager – with the first video he appeared in receiving 6 million views in its first month. Over 10 million fans ended up tuning in to watch the coverage with a 91% increase in NBCSN viewership.

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, London

adidas entices gamers to play the real game

To launch the Predator Instinct football boots, adidas encouraged gamers to put down the controller and play football for real. They did this by creating the first real-life video game, with players given laser sensitive shin pads and hunted by actors with laser guns. adidas seeded video content with hidden codes that when typed into search engines led potential recruits to a secret platform where they could sign up to the experience. Due to high demand the event was extended by two days and the boots sold out within 24 hours.

Agency: TBWA\London, LONDON

Causing a stir with Baileys Chocolat Luxe

To create desire in the build up to the launch of the new Chocolat Luxe edition of Baileys, Diageo targeted young stylish women via aspirational food, drink and fashion influencers. A partnership with Harvey Nichols led to the creation of a microsite which provided exclusive content and access to the product before it was available to buy. Timed to coincide with London Fashion Week, ‘Bar Chocolat’ a part-exhibition, part-dining experience was held.

Agency: Unity, London

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