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Kara Melchers

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In August The Mandarin Oriental launched their ‘Selfie in Paris’ initiative offering guests a tour of the French capital’s best selfie spots with a private car and driver, recognising that no one is too superior to selfie.  Today it’s easy not to fit into a traditional marketer’s profile, research agency trendwatching suggests a new term — Post-Demographic Consumerism, driven by the widespread adoption of digital tech and an explosion in product and service choice.  We’re embracing the freedom to be anything and do anything we want.

At the end of last year Rolls Royce made its debut in racing videogame Forza Motorsport, not your obvious platform for a car whose stereotypical customer base is Alan Sugar (yes he drives one), but then so does Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and even Lady Gaga.  According to the IAB women now account for the majority of video game players and there are more gamers over 44 than under 18. This partnership is not about heritage, it’s about new behaviour.

George Ergatoudis, Head of Music at BBC Radio 1 said in May last year, “If you look at the list of 1,000 favourite artists for 60 years olds and the 1,000 favourite artists for 13 year olds, there is a 40% overlap.” showing that even our musical tastes cannot be segmented.  This brings me onto my next customer… born in 1948, grew up in England, married twice, has two children, is wealthy and loves dogs.  Ozzy Osborne I hear you say, actually no it’s Prince Charles.  A strangely easy mistake to make on paper.

Read on for examples…

The Art of Life Insurance

Ever thought of hanging your life insurance policy on the wall?  A written document about the taboo subject of death, surely only for the macabre?

Born from the insight that 27% of people have ‘no idea’ where their most important documents are kept, new online insurance company Beagle Street wanted to find a creative way to make sure people never lost their policies. Teaming up with Rose Blake, Supermundane and RUDE they turned their documents into works of art.

For Beagle Street buying life insurance is an act of love, ensuring that your loved ones are looked after if the worst happens. Illustrating this concept through art brought the subject of life insurance and Beagle Street to the attention of a much broader audience, where the conversation of death is typically not front of mind.

Agency: The Academy

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Facebook Create An Ode To The Multifarious Lives Of Their Audience

In their first campaign for the UK, Facebook bring to life their own ad space proposition, which targets interests and behaviour rather than traditional demographic segments.  The TV and outdoor creative uses Facebook’s language to capture the meaning of friendship and celebrate the diversity of their audience.

Agency: The Factory & Mindshare

VW Commercial Vehicles Designed for Pet Rescue

As a small business owner what and who influences the commercial vehicle you buy?  Decision makers are often family men and women so a partnership with the RSPCA and a nationwide competition for kids to design the vans used to transport animals gave VW Commercial Vehicles a whole new fan base.

Agency: Richmond Towers

Estée Lauder Embraces The ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’

Origins anti-aging have delved into the deep-rooted concerns of millennials reminding them that “OMG is that a wrinkle?” should be on their list of insecurities.  The digital campaign titled #QuarterLifeCrisis is rooted in a dialogue that’s already taking place online and includes social media, native content, strategic partnerships, and an app.

Agency: Laundry Service

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