Outvertising launches new purpose film to fight for true LGBTQ+ inclusion

Against a backdrop of transphobia, the new film highlights the need for true inclusion and better representation in the advertising and marketing industry @outvertising

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Pride Month is upon us and while the LGBTQ+ community has much to celebrate there is still a way to go to achieving true inclusion and equality. A recent report has found that 93% of UK trans people believe that media transphobia has translated into real world discrimination when out in public and 81% reported it has impacted their experience with colleagues. To prommote actionable strides toward creating more inclusive environments this Pride Month, Outvertising has launched a new, more-focused purpose, supported by a film celebrating adland’s  LGBTQ+ community.

The film features queer people and allies from agencies, brands and consultancies actively working for better representation and truly inclusive workplaces. It marks the launch of the organisation’s new purpose to make the UK advertising and marketing industry completely LGBTQ+ inclusive. The film has been directed by filmmaker Daisy Gaston, who has previously shot for Converse, Nike and UK Black Pride.

“By purposefully putting people at the heart of our film, we’re taking a confident step in the direction of making advertising completely LGBTQ+ inclusive,” explained Joint CEO Lucy McKillop, “We’re launching it at a time when the queer community (particularly our trans siblings) desperately needs more, and better support, not just from the community itself, but from allies too. This is a wonderful representation of all that Outvertising is and does - huge props go to our volunteers for making such an authentic and joyful piece.”

The film coincides with the release of the All in Plan’s new LGBTQ+ action to welcome the use of pronouns in the workplace. Research shows that LGBTQ+ employees are more than twice as likely to have a mental health condition (28% vs 12% industry average and experience higher levels of stress (45% of LGBTQ+ report higher stress levels vs 30% of heterosexuals).

Outvertising’s other Pride month plans include social events, speed mentoring sessions and new resources for employers including the launch of an industry-wide action plan with the Advertising Association. Find out more here. 

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