Stay alive: Stay in bed

A creative team from Pablo has stepped up to fill the advertising void in the wake of coronavirus and they need your help.

Nicola Kemp

Managing Editor, BITE


The UK is in lockdown, yet the capital’s public transport system remains busy. Over the past few days, parks have been overflowing with people. In the midst of the confusion, mixed-messaging, fake news and fear, one thing is clear: the message that staying in saves lives is not getting through.

This is why Nathalie Gordon, Amy Fasey and Jacob Hellström, a trio of creatives from Pablo, have come together to create a campaign to urge people to stay at home and they are calling on brands, the media industry and out of home advertisers in particular to donate advertising inventory to get this urgent, lifesaving message across.

“Given the lack of advertising the government has been doing to get the UK to understand the severity of what is happening and quite simply explain the importance of staying inside, we decided to do it ourselves,” Gordon explains. 

We want to help where we can and do what creatives do best - give a clear message.

Amy Fasey

The team made a series of posters and were in the process of getting them printed to put them up as guerrilla marketing across the capital where people were gathering. With the lockdown imposed, the team put them online instead. The simple, hopeful, universal messages have already been shared from India to America.

In the UK they need to get to the people who need to see them most; those people who are failing to see that not following lockdown advice is deadly. 

The team is urging the industry to step up to this challenge and provide inventory as a matter of urgency. Facey explained, “We feel like there’s a lot that can be done by the creative industries right now. The Government’s messaging clearly isn’t hitting the right note with the British public. A lot of it is probably down to the language they use - ‘social distancing’ is new and scary! We want to help where we can and do what creatives do best - give a clear message.”

The team has heard that many brands are reducing their out of home media bookings over the coming months and have asked if any OOH media space is going empty to get in touch.

Brands and media owners who would like to provide inventory to support the campaign please contact Nathalie Gordon on: nathaliegordon88@gmail.com


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