Discipline Focus: Branding and Design



For brands, there’s an increasing need for their messaging to be consistent across a growing number of platforms. Whether new media or old, consistency translates to being recognisable, as brands seek to gain prominence in a cluttered market. For disruptors, branding and design offers the chance to mark themselves out as game-changers. Whilst for stalwarts of a sector, it affords them the chance to remain relevant – to keep pace with a changing market. It can be integral to building a brand world and ensuring consumers take residence there.

In our latest discipline focus, we take a look at the state of branding and design in the industry right now.



Case Studies

From baby products to a street food festival, branding and design have the potential to bring ideas to life. They can mean brand identity becomes a reality, not a concept. Take a look at the latest case studies from our member agencies, including Dragon Rouge’s extraordinary work with Macmillan Cancer Support to take the charity from well-known to known well.




We’ve seen the demand for branding and design briefs most recently with a selection of diverse brands. Luxury fragrance Thameen recently appointed FutureBrand for work on their visual identity, whilst Hair Flair – responsible for phenomenon Curlformers – appointed Air Paris to work specifically on their branding. Not to mention Tate & Lyle working with 1HQ on refreshing their brand after 140 years in the FMCG sector.




Looking outward is essential to any business. Especially when it comes to branding and design, where a clear point of difference to the competition is pivotal. Our editorial team have put together a Pinboard of vital insights into the branding and design sector from across the platform. Head here to gather all the latest trends in one place.



The Agency Landscape

One sector doesn’t mean one type of agency. And Rising pride themselves on working with businesses they can scale up, from ice cream newbies Halo Britain to milk-alternative debutants Good Hemp. Whilst FreshBritain have sought to translate celebrity persona into brand meaning with Bear Grylls, as well as transform Waterloo International Terminal from station to eclectic food, drink and retail experience. There are plenty of agencies making names for themselves in this sector, so drop Lucy Hilton a line to find out more.