Fred & Flo

Tesco wanted to create a new brand for their baby aisle, replacing Tesco Loves Baby. The ambition behind the move was to speak with a more personal and engaging voice to both carers and children.

Our attitudes and behaviours towards the way that we bring up children is changing. Old fashioned voices of authority, telling Mums how things should be done, have lost their mystique. Brands today need to talk with us and not at us - and to the whole family unit too.

Starting with the theme of adventure and working with the Tesco and F&F clothing design teams, we developed Fred & Flo, a brand that could engage with the whole family through storytelling.

The brand identity, initially created for nappies and toiletries, has grown to stretch into baby gifting, nursery, feeding accessories and baby clothing.

Why is it…” I said to Fred, “That your face is turning red?” Fred did a little knowing face, And headed to the changing space!



Fred & Flo

How do you talk to babies without baby talk?

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