Marketer essentials: Making life simple with the Projects tool

Lucy Miller

Client Manager


The pitch is dead, long live the pitch! In an industry that thrives on creativity and innovation, there is one integral area that’s getting left behind. All too often, we hear of the inherent frustration that surrounds the archaic and complicated approach to agency appointment; the traditional pitch process. 

In its current state, the danger is that the creative impulse and hunger you set out with at the start of a review soon fades into cynicism over the length and complexity of the process. For both you and the agency.

It’s time to make things simpler. More transparent. Dare I say, easy. Again, for both you and the agency. To ensure a great start to the relationship. 

Our Projects tool on our platform does just this. Our unique and innovative smart-tool is a streamlined approach to finding and connecting you with the best agency partners. With a little information from you, our sophisticated algorithm will help serve up the best fit agencies for your specific requirements.

It forgoes long meetings, unrealistic expectations and mind-swelling documents. And it encourages transparent, trusting and effective relationships. Here’s how…


How long have you got?

Weeks? Months? The first step in the Projects tool is selecting the process that suits your timeframe – anywhere from 3 weeks to 10 plus. It comes down to what you want to get out of it, and how much time you have to give. More is not always better. Inspired by our extensive research into the pitch process, we have defined three recommended bespoke processes to choose from: a Discovery Workshop, a Traditional Pitch and a Speed Pitch.



Getting to know you

To ensure the process stays relevant and focussed, we ask you to tell us a bit of background. What’s brought you to this point? What are your key objectives, and in which disciplines? What’s your vision for the future, and what are the key drivers for this? Keep it candid, context is king. And NDAs are mandatory.



Tick all the boxes

The requirements for a pitch are numerous. But that doesn’t mean they have to be complicated. Get the essentials right with the click of a button, or the tick of a box. Set fees and budgets, dates and deadlines in the simplest way. This helps manage expectations and ensures everyone is on the same page. 



Say goodbye to RFI hell

Some RFIs give novels a run for their money when it comes to length. We know that whilst there are key questions you want to ask your agencies, there’s also a lot of bumf. So we’re making it easier than ever – for your sake, and the agencies’ – by suggesting integral questions to choose from to build your RFI in minutes, based on our expert knowledge from years of running reviews, to get to the most pertinent questions. 



Effective communication

As if your inbox isn’t full enough, the added strain of pitch comms will quickly clutter it up. So chose to keep it out of your inbox, all in one place and manage each stage of the process clearly through the platform. Simplify the admin, and keep track of each stage easily, from RFI to decision.  


For more information or to arrange a platform demo, please get in touch with Lucy Miller on lucy.m@creativebrief.com or call 020 7478 8200