Why Creativebrief is the single destination for ambitious brand marketers

Lucy Miller

Client Manager


Update 08 April 2020 re Coronavirus: In this extremely uncertain and rapidly changing period, we are trying to help brands maintain some level of consistency. During this time, it’s more important than ever for marketers to stay better connected to the wider industry and we hope the marketing platform can play a greater part in you navigating the new normal through the tools and content available. To discuss more, please contact one of our team on 020 7478 8200.

Creativebrief’s marketing platform helps brand marketers and their teams stay in touch with the complex industry around them. Our platform enables you to have access to three things: the latest work from brands making an impact today, the trends and insights to be more outward-looking and the industry's best agencies to help you put your ambitions into practice.

We operate from a privileged perspective, sitting across brands and agencies, with access to a huge amount of information, people and creativity. This puts us in the unique position to combine three key, but usually separate, sources of information in one place - marketing intelligence, trends, and a database of the industry’s leading agencies from every discipline.


Addressing the challenges of today for brand marketers 

Launched in 2019, the platform builds on Creativebrief’s 15 year reputation as an organisation who listens. It comes off the back of repeated feedback from senior brand marketers that:

  • The industry is moving faster and is becoming more complex than ever 

  • Teams and individuals are more time starved than ever before, making it increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest changes in the landscape

  • Increasing demands of modern marketing means the always on model is more resource hungry than ever, despite leaner teams and shrinking budgets

  • Too much time is wasted sifting through multiple subscriptions and sources of information are costly, time consuming and often repetitive or cluttered

This platform is a direct response to these common challenges, whether you’re feeling the sharp end of one or all four. It gives you more time to read less and gain more.


The work

The range of content on the Creativebrief platform shows agency creativity and strategic smarts like never before, whether in the form of new work, client case studies or thought leadership and insights. Keep up to date on what’s going on in the market right now with breaking creative ideas, and the strategic thinking behind them. Plus agency insight papers give you privileged access to the viewpoint of those at the coal face of what brands are doing. This breadth of content helps you understand the hearts, minds and culture of the agencies, and is unrivalled in the industry.



The bigger picture

We’re thorough but you won’t find 30 page essays and papers here. Instead you’ll find digestible information that makes life easier, and loses none of the creativity and insight along the way. For trends and insights there’s BITE, where award-winning journalist Nicola Kemp works to deliver captivating, actionable editorial and market trend analysis, as well as widely-read interviews with the likes of Caroline Casey (Founder of the Valuable 500), Jae Hopkins (Sales and Marketing Director for EuroTunnel), and Emma Perkins (Head of LEGO Agency EMEA). In an age of ceaseless change and not knowing where to look for what, BITE distills information so that looking outward is simpler than ever and pays dividends for your team.



The tools

The platform offers a range of tools to empower marketers, increase productivity and encourage development. Our Projects Tool is a fuss-free, sophisticated way for a brand to discover and appoint the right agency based on their brief. It recommends agencies based on your criteria and what’s most important to you, whilst simplifying, streamlining and personalising the process.

The Pinboard is a virtual space for your teams to share great work and enable team collaboration. It encourages teams to share content, and start speaking the same creative language. It galvanises their creative mindsets, and has become a brand staple for ‘lunch and learns’, internal meetings, and briefing agencies outside of the organisation.   

The Events tool is a centralised hub to view and RSVP to insightful industry events hosted by our agencies - events you may not have otherwise been aware of, but undoubtedly will find valuable for your team.

This intuitive and easy-to-use suite of tools provides you and your team with a number of ways to inject inspiration into your work and simplify often over-complicated tasks, as well as a personalised experience of the site and content.



Join the likes of ITV, Lloyds Banking Group, MG and Starbucks in revolutionising the way you work

The platform is what brand marketers have been asking for: a single destination for effectively keeping in touch with a rapidly moving marketplace. 


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