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Thriving Creative Partnerships: How Jägermeister and Engine got the (virtual) party started



When lockdown came into effect, the hospitality industry was massively hit and parties across the world were suddenly put on hold. So German drinks brand Jägermeister and creative agency Engine put a plan together to keep their 'meisters' performing and their audience entertained. All in 24 hours and from Berlin and London respectively!

Connecting consumers to entertainers via virtual parties meant the partnership created one-of-a-kind drop-ins to keep people entertained, whilst staying safe during the pandemic. It also offered a crucial lifeline to a nightlife put on hold; to those whose livelihoods suddenly came under threat.  

On Thursday 9th July, BITE Mananging Editor Nicola Kemp will be talking to Head of Global Brand Management & Digital Marketing for Jägermeister Tim Jerg and Engine's Client Managing Director Daisy Domenghini.

The below video will be available to watch from 2pm on Thursday 9th July.

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Tim Jerg


Daisy Domenghini


Tim Jerg (Head of Global Brand Management & Digital Marketing - Jägermeister) is an experienced creative and strategic thinking Global Brand marketeer with a wealth of integrated experience. He believes strongly in the power of activating brand purpose authentically to drive meaningful connections with the brands audience.

Daisy Domenghini (Client Managing Director - Engine) started her career in retail working client side for the Jigsaw fashion brand. She then moved to work on a range of clients from retail, to finance and travel before she ended up at Engine where she headed up the News International account through the line and across multiple brands in the portfolio from the papers to gaming. Daisy heads up Engine's Global Jagermeister business from trade to brand. 

5 key takeaways from the interview:

1. Mutual support

It’s unsurprising that Tim Jerg calls it a matter of the heart when he talks about the ‘meisters’; the entertainers such as mixologists, drag queens, DJs and musicians who have supported Jägermeister and the nightlife scene throughout the decades. Now with lockdown preventing parties in-person, Tim described how repaying that support - to both the ‘meisters’ and the audiences - was something which if they could do it, they should do it.

2. A unique time

Whilst the current climate is undoubtedly something we all would prefer to avoid, what we make of it needn’t always be defined negatively. Daisy talked about how they created experience in a new way. It isn’t something that constantly reminds its audience of what is missing; instead offering experiences they wouldn’t otherwise get or be able to repeat, i.e. access to in-demand DJs and one-on-ones with mixologists building recipes from what lurks in the back of your fridge. 

3. Remain authentic - needn’t overhaul your brand

Tim Jerg talked about how the campaign didn’t feel new to Jägermeister. It had a new context, but the support at its heart was a long held belief of them and Engine. He believes the campaign’s authenticity is a result of them not pivoting to be someone else during this time, but instead doubling down on their commitment and support of the ‘meisters’.  

4. Prepare for life after lockdown

In a similar way to the above point, transition not only to this phase, but from it is key. Tim Jerg described how the nightlife scene had been in trouble long before coronavirus even. He describes how even after lockdown is fully lifted worldwide, “We will definitely think of how to help and support nightlife and those who drive it.”

5. Now’s the time for transparency

It’s been a theme of all our thriving creative partnerships and Daisy again reiterated the importance of working collaboratively and fearlessly. “If you’re ever holding things back you’re not going to have a true relationship.” Tim agreed: “It’s [about] focus and transparency.” 

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