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How much do we really care about data breaches?

The news has been saturated with headlines on data breaches. From Facebook’s shame at the hands of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, to hundreds of other breaches involving Google and T-Mobile. In the wake of such high-profile scandals, one in twenty Brits allegedly de-activated their Facebook accounts, with 67% of them expressing a concern over what their personal data was used for online. We did some research to get to the bottom of how much consumers care about data breaches...


The need for humility with leadership in beer

Why has the craft sector shaken the confidence of the established beer brands? And what can they could do to re-establish their place as leader brands within the category?


Why is nobody talking about ethical hardware?

Ostensibly, it’s hard to imagine that the ethical sector needs broadening. It includes everything from vegan foods and groceries, shampoos and shower products, to organic and ‘up-cycled’ clothes, keep-cups and plastic-free toothpaste. On the face of it, it looks like the UK is an ethically engaged country. What I can’t understand then, is why we’re not talking more about the startling lack of ethics involved in our tech’s hardware, and especially, our smartphones.


Gillette should have paid more attention to Lynx's latest brand work

It seems very few like the new Gillette ‘Me Too’ ad. Those on the far right have blasted it for ‘emasculating men’ and accused it of propagating a fashionable misandry. On the left, others have washed their hands with it because it alienates the very people its supposedly trying to talk to. I’m left wondering what the communications objective must have been. . .


The failing retailers need to act like service brands

Is this just the beginning of the end for High Street retailers or a final wake up call for them to think and behave differently?


Relocation, relocation, relocation

In this report we take a look at the current state of physical retail. We identify the significant changes progressing in the industry and determine how brands are best equipping themselves for the new world of retail on their doorsteps.


The Soft Drinks Market is Getting an Adult Makeover

In this short Atomic report we explore some of the trends happening in the soft drinks category leading and driving this redefinition of a category which has matured well beyond being the treat beverage for kids or the reluctant substitute for the designated driver.


Beer Market Research Report

In this short report, we take a look at the beer industry. An industry in decline with traditional brands losing market share and total beer volume being down 2.4%. In the complete opposite, craft beer is dominant in the category with volume up 18.8%.


How to Use the Most Powerful Medium in the World. Print

Despite the ever-increasing march of digital advertising and important changes in media consumption in recent years, consumers continue to have most trust in advertising in magazines, newspapers and posters.


Short but sweet

It is tough writing an idea that fits into 30 seconds, as every advertising copywriter will tell you. But in this industry there is a darkened alley that is an even tougher, more forbidding test of the creative arts. Welcome to the world of the TV sponsorship "ident".


Can Robots Crash the Creative Party?

Jon Goulding joins the panel 'Can Robots Crash the Creative Party?' at Advertising Week Europe to discuss the use of AI in creative agencies.


Bang goes the Brief: Why it's time to ditch the dead trees

The paper brief was an invaluable document but it's time has come - there's a better way to do things, writes Atomic's creative partner Dave Henderson.


Realism or fantasy – what is more emotive in advertising?

Two equally good but opposing strategies in advertising. In the lead up to 2017 which is becoming the more desired strategy for brands? As seen in the Huffington Post.