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A little while back, we spotted a major problem with our industry that was crying out to be solved. To find a way to truly creatively bring together brand building and performance, in one company, with a singular, compelling approach. The only way to do it was to build it from the ground up. So, in 2012 Atomic London was born, pulling together talent from every discipline to deliver a unified approach.






The Future Of Socialisation: Brand Building For A Modern Consumer

Working with leading insight specialist Steven Lacey and his network of over 3000 trend consultants and industry experts, we wanted to understand what impact Covid has had on cultural shifts. How its shaped aspects of consumer culture today and for the future, what our social future might look like, both off and online, and most importantly what this means for brands.


Unified Creativity: The Surest Way To Make Your Marketing Spend Work Harder

Many brands today have built their entire comms strategy vertically, with a strong focus on integrated solutions. In doing so, they refer to brand building and driving performance as if they were vertical channels. The problem is they are not channels, they are objectives and therefore should not be confined to one touchpoint. In this report, we discuss why brands should be focusing on unified solutions, instead of integrated ones to achieve the perfect balance between brand and performance.


Scale up brands shouldn't take a leap, they should try to build a bridge

Many brands today have built their entire businesses through digital performance channels, using hard performance metrics and highly targeted comms to acquire new customers. But every one of those brands at some point hits the growth wall. In this report, we look at how scale-up brands can break through the growth plateau by achieving the perfect balance between brand building and performance.