For Life, Love and Legroom.

Our brand and cultural transformation purpose

"To inspire our colleagues, our guests and the wider world, to choose well in how they live, love and travel."

Different. But the same

The world is awash with airlines. Over five-thousand at the last count: All bearing liveries and tail fins of every shade and colour, symbolising the lands they call home and the organisations they represent.

However, whilst different in appearance, most are largely the same in how they operate. They call the shots. They tell us how we can fly. We just get to pay the fare.

At the front it’s generally ‘everything and anything’, and at the back it’s whatever little they can get away with. It’s power to the carrier.

Get with the program

But the world is changing, along with our expectations. It’s increasingly power to the people. Today, through the digital interfaces we have at our disposal, we can largely enjoy what we want, when we want it: Customisation and personalisation on our terms. New demands and new expectations define this era.

And no brand, no business, is immune from these demands and expectations.

We are the choices we make. Choose Well.

A brand and cultural transformation: Fly on your terms, not theirs. Our passengers - our guests - front and centre. Unequivocally. Want to fly at the back but use the business lounge? That’s fine. You choose. Want to have a seat with no-one next to you? Not the most sociable of ideas, granted, but if that’s what you’d like then fine by us. It’s a re-engineered business model, and a transformed brand and culture aligned to it.

At Etihad it is about living, loving and journeying in a way that right for each individual because after all, we are the choices we make in life. Big and small. In that respect it’s our purpose - our reason for being - to inspire the world to choose well in all that they do. And with staff empowered and enabled, through redefined values and behaviours, to deliver upon this purpose for themselves, for their guests, for the company.

Results naturally remain confidential. However, the business has seen substantial improvements ahead of their targets and, at the brand re-launch, YouGov named Etihad ‘Campaign of the month’.Communication drove 32% increase in awareness against the competition and 40% increase in intent to purchase.


Etihad - For Life, Love, and Legroom

Establishing, and launching a new brand platform born out of a unique consumer insight.

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