Global Boyhood Initiative: Better Boyhoods

The Background

Traditional definitions of masculinity are impeding equality, yet highlighting the problems boys and men face can be contentious. The Global Boyhood Initiative was struggling to justify its relevance.


Our focus was on how we could create a strong, meaningful and simple thread that articulates the core purpose and ambitions for the organisation as a whole to bring greater clarity and recognition of who we are and what we believe.

We built the brand identity in line with the newly articulated positioning, whilst transforming their brand design and developing their communications. In doing so we explored new attitudes and tonalities, and a flexible branding solution that was scalable no matter the media, or the audience.


Whilst results are kept confidential, the campaign was successfully launched and rolled out globally across all digital and physical touchpoints, including social, website, in-schools and at events. The work has been translated into both Spanish and French and continues to be activated through online tools to help support boys in their journey to manhood.


Global Boyhoods Initiative

Driving relevance and awareness of the importance of a culturally significant cause, and a brand that can make a difference.

Business Objectives



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