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Founded in 2013, Perfect Storm is the Brand and Cultural Transformation Company. Perfect Storm was founded to help organisations grow by transforming themselves and their category through creating a culture rooted in a greater purpose that creates the brand's North Star.

We are Perfect Storm, the brand and cultural transformation company.







As we head into 2022, we believe just about every relationship has been questioned, re-evaluated and renegotiated. But it’s not all doom and gloom. For all the knee-jerk prophecies about the death of cities and the end of the office, we humans are social creatures and our world is still fundamentally built on relationships, including those with the brands and companies we buy from. Read further to see the 5 relationships that we believe will be redefined in 2022.


Smashing Stereotypes in Financial Services

Stereotypes are bad for society and bad for business. They prevent us from seeing the truth about the customers we exist to serve. At BBD Perfect Storm we believe it’s time to remove this obstacle once and for all. We are on a mission to smash stereotypes: in marketing, in business, and in culture at large. Read our report to find out why we believe this is so important to your business and society. You can also watch the recording of the webinar we held through the link in the contents page.


Pharma and MedTech; It’s Time to Rehumanise

Last year, a piece of PwC research found that 56% of UK consumers would say their impression of pharmaceutical companies has positively increased during this crisis. I believe that there has never before been an opportunity like this for all pharma businesses as well as MedTech businesses, to reframe how the general public see them.


Let’s Take A Long Hard Look At Ourselves (Less A Prediction Piece, More A Plea)

We made it! 2021 is finally upon us, and as we collectively cast our eyes to the year ahead, our Chief Strategy Officer, Tony Quinn is taking aim at the stubborn stereotypes that remain as well as the new ones that need smashing.


Future Proofing Customer Loyalty

Transforming from a programme to platform to ecosystem, and creating a relevant and enhanced consumer loyalty proposition.


7 Ways Financial Services Brands Should Adapt Their Marketing For The New Normal.

If you're a marketer in the financial services industry your world will in all likelihood have been turned upside down over the past few months. In our latest post, we explore how you can start to adapt to the 'new normal'.


Jurgen Klopp and post Covid Marketing

Jurgen Klopp? An unusual place to look to reimagine your brand, or maybe not. Our CSO, Tony Quinn delves into our A.L.I.V.E model to explain how the two are linked, and can help steer your brand within a new and heightened set of post-Covid human needs.


Everything has changed, nothing has changed.

A look at the our own industry, why it exists, and where it's heading.


I Give It A Couple of Weeks. Tops.

A reflection on the changing landscape brands and consumers are navigating during the coronavirus pandemic, and an analysis of where we currently stand as an industry.