Pickl Burger - Simple. Not Basic.

Simple. Not Basic.

Pickl is a burger joint.

It is not fine dining, there are no airs and graces to be found here, just a drive to get it done right. The product is not complicated, but through careful sourcing and perfecting the little things, the brand delivers where many in the market fail. Simple things done well.

The brand proposition 'Simple. Not Basic.' encapsulates the principles for which the brand was founded and the concept behind everything that Pickl does.

Brand world:

Custom wood block prints are used to identify products and key messaging, whilst dual language branding and stripped back tone of voice reflects the brand proposition and keeps things simple.

Hand printing of illustration and lettering creates a raw authenticity, which is then reflected within the interiors.


The website operates as an order platform as well as connecting to social activity. Customers are able to order directly through Facebook, Instagram or on the website as well as the usual Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Delivery is a huge market in the Emirates and so easy access to ordering is critical to business success.



Dubai is a metropolis of dining and cuisine. Opening any type of restaurant is fiercely competitive and requires a clear positioning and branding. When Pickl decided to open their doors, we were challenged to create a world that tells the brand story with clarity and swagger.

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