PayPal - New Money


The challenge with PayPal was to take them from what they’d been known for - ‘the eBay payment component’ - as a functional benefit and give greater meaning around the brand and organisation and tell the world what it stood for. It wasn’t an easy task as consumers still perceived it as ‘just a button’, when in reality they had been evolving into the better way to spend, send, and receive money. We coined the term ‘New Money’ and made it stand for all the positive advancements that had been happening in the financial services world, pushing against the old way of doing things, which people saw as a broken system.


We launched an integrated brand anthem film on TV, social and digital as well as high impact content to put a stake in the ground and shift consumers perceptions. We successfully transformed them from another financial services tool into a millennial lifestyle brand, proving that old money was stuck in the past, and new money gets better every day.


  • The app saw more downloads than any month or quarter tracked by PayPal.
  • PayPal’s social conversation sentiment increased significantly, with the brand’s Net Sentiment score moving from a baseline of -22% to 33%.
  • Winner of the PrideAM Brand Makeover Award 2019 targeting the LGBTQ+ audience.

“It was a bold statement of purpose for a brand… culture-shifting.”

Rolling Stone, (Magazine)


PayPal - New Money

Taking PayPal from being a functional benefit to a millennial lifestyle brand.

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