Power of Gen X for Brands


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Join CPB London for our next webinar exclusively for brands and marketers, exploring the power of Gen X for brands, hosted by our CSO David Proudlock and Sociologist and Writer Jennie Bristow.


In today's marketing landscape, many brands are laser focused on #Millennials and #GenZ.


But what about #GenX? The sandwich generation, the parents, the bill payers...


They are a powerful untapped portion of the population, yet only 13% of them feel spoken to by popular media and advertising, even though they're statistically the age group more likely to try new brands.


Join us on the 28th February at 9.30am. We'll be covering topics like:

> Why should brands care about Gen X?

> How can brands connect with Gen X?

> Are generational divides really the right way for brands to segment their audience?

This webinar is exclusively for brands. Please no agencies or consultancies. Thank you.

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