Bringing the Joy back to cooking with AIA’s Content Strategy

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Alongside the likes of David Beckham, Harry Kane and Heung Min Son, our very own creative Director Jeremy Pang has been a long-term Global ambassador supporting AIA (Asia’s largest healthcare insurance company) and their pledge to healthier longer better lives for all their customers.

Our extensive media planning, scheduling and production expertise has been key to this on-going project. Our account management combined videos, animations, lifestyle photography and influencer collaborations across the globe, and we have produced various bits of content that have reached millions of people. Jeremy’s continued work with AIA and Tottenham Hotspurs are also a big hit with the client’s global audience.

Over the years Curious Crab Productions has produced 100’s of branded and collaborative assets which have been used on some of the largest screens in the world, from Central Hong Kong, through to football stadiums and AIA’s social media platforms too.

In 2019 we produced and scheduled 100 pieces of content from presenter led projects, online collaborations with celebrities, through to educational animations and live hosted online calls with some of the biggest sporting stars in the world. Our work with AIA continues today, and fuels our passion for food and travel as we now travel across the globe with AIA producing short, educational documentaries with them around South-East Asian street food and sports camps around the continent.

The Challenge

The sheer size of AIA and its audience is the biggest opportunity, yet the biggest challenge we have. With 18 different markets spread across asia, there are numerous cultures, languages and stakeholders to deal with when running any project with AIA.


AIA are Asia’s largest healthcare insurance providers and have an audience over 50 million customers across the continent. The target audience is pure mass market, spread across families (predominantly 25-retirement) and anyone who may feel the need to limit their financial risk over the course of their life. Promoting healthy living and positive mental wellbeing is absolutely key to AIA’s continued growth and success. 

Strategy & Approach

Our team of experts here are based here in the UK, however as a boutique agency, we have the big plus of being agile and nimble and have the flexibility to grow and shrink our teams depending on the size of the project. Our commitment to checking in with the client on a regular basis and understanding the ever-changing annual marketing strategies and stresses of such a large corporate company, have allowed us to manoeuvre our video strategy with AIA each year and tailor the collaborations to the needs of our biggest customer to date.

From the start of our relationship through till now, Jeremy’s broadcaster and presenter abilities has been a constant part of the AIA – Tottehnham sponsorship and a natural way to bridge the gap between food (nutrition) and sport (exercise) and both their importance in living healthier, longer, better, lives.

Whilst Jeremy has lead the ambassadorial role, the creative input of our Curious Crab Productions team has offered huge added value and additional skillset to the on-going business relationship. In 2018 and 2019, we managed the entire food arenas at various health and wellbeing events in Singapore and Hong Kong, delivering hands-on educational food cooking classes for thousands of participants, alongside beautifully produced event videography and a plethora of scheduled online media for use on AIA’s “Eat Well” hub on their global website. Within this schedule we produced both long and short-form films showcasing the collaboration and education around healthy cooking and eating across all internal and international social media platforms.

Within the pandemic years, we worked on large scale on-line wellness festivals and collaborated with numerous in-market and global celebrities to produce motivational videos for hundreds of thousands of people to watch and take inspiration from. 

Results & Learnings

Long-term relationships with clients is key to any good business. The impact of strong strategic marketing partnerships always delivers results over time. Some of the videos that we produced, both live and pre-recorded have hit over 1.5 million views and we continue to create extremely relevant, engaging content for the AIA brand. Over the years, the film crew have travelled many different countries from Thailand, to Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong, and our work at Curious Crab Productions paired with Jeremy’s global ambassadorial role have connected the markets in ways that AIA had previously struggled to do through the continued education around the wonderful and unique cultures of S.E.Asia, food and sport. 

At Curious Crab Productions, we treat our planning and logistics with extensive and intricate detail and structure, which in turn lends itself to flexibility and space on-set for creative input and collaboration, resulting in fun, laid back, yet educational film and production suitable for all ages to watch and learn from. Our integrity and eye for detail on any job is unarguable and our regular work with AIA, one of the biggest companies in the world, is a great of show of this.


Bringing the joy back to the home kitchen - AIA’s Content Strategy

Alongside the likes of David Beckham and Harry Kane our very own creative Director Jeremy Pang has been a long-term Global ambassador for AIA, amplifying their pledge to healthier longer better lives for all their customers with our content reaching millions worldwide.

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