Digital Natives Presents: Bringing Organic Social Back From The Dead


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It’s 2022 and 1/3 of the top FMCG brand social channels are inactive. Is this the death of organic social? Some might choose to pull the plug, but we’re here to lift spirits with some good news – it’s very much alive! ????

Join us as we take a closer look into how algorithmic changes have forced the social landscape to evolve, leaving some of the most well-known brands behind because they can’t (or don’t know how to) keep up. We’ll be challenging industry perceptions and marketing science jargon, offering actionable tips and tangible brand examples in three main areas:

  • Physical availability: viewing social media as digital shelf space instead of ‘advertising’.
  • Community: creating genuine connections with consumers to ultimately, create meaningful growth. 
  • Mental availability: mastering new “recommendation” algorithms to go beyond followers, generating previously unachievable levels of reach.

Hosted by Strategy Director, Daniel Lee, Senior Creative, Lisa Morris, Strategist, Lizzie Dearsley, and Assistant Strategist, Saul Wickremasinghe.  

See you there!

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