In an extremely crowded and competitive consumer health market, GSK wanted to drive value, efficiencies and innovation via Total Search and SEO, reducing the reliance on Paid Search activity to drive traffic to their consumer focused brand websites.


Following a huge piece of opportunity analysis across several hundred websites, 30 brand/market combinations across 12 markets offering the most incremental organic value growth potential and paid search efficiency gains were selected to achieve these goals.


To succeed, we launched a 2020 programme of activity focused on identifying gaps in website content, aligning PPC and SEO messaging and improving overall site accessibility and experience.

By March 2020 a rapid pivot was required in order to respond to changing search behaviour surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic. Search demand for a variety of topics skyrocketed with our acute responsibility being to provide quick to market, accurate and trustworthy content.

Creating and pushing through innovative new processes, we were able to meet these needs much quicker than previously possible via legacy procedures. Our ruthless prioritisations delivered over 400 articles targeting intent & growth opportunities alongside some 10k technical updates via 250 tickets. SEO and PPC teams working in harmony also drove substantial YoY efficiencies.

Additional SEO value 
In paid search efficiencies
Growth in market share
Improvement in technical health of websites
Growth in first page rankings

Since 2019, Digitas's global SEO programme with Haleon (previously GSK Consumer Healthcare) has delivered YoY growth in organic visibility and SEO value, and driven wider Paid Search efficiencies across our key brands and markets. Their approach to technical best-practices, intent focused content, and prioritisation of tactical optimisations with the PPC teams continues to provide outstanding, award winning results.



  • The Drum Awards for Search 2021: Best SEO & PPC Integrated 
  • Conductor C3 Searchie Awards 2021: Best Global SEO Campaign 
  • Global Search Awards 2021: Best Use of Search – Health (SEO)
  • UK Search Awards 2021: Best Use of Search – Health


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