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Digitas is where connected experiences bring brands to life.

Like the Unicorn, Digitas is a rare beast, with strategy, technology, data, creativity and media under one roof.






How data can put the emotion back into advertising

Rather than being polar opposites, data and emotion are now working together to help us understand our audiences more effectively.


OOO Climate Strike

Climate change is a global crisis, one that demands the participation of every citizen to strike it down. In an effort to jumpstart this united front, teen activist Greta Thunberg initiated a worldwide Climate Strike, which asked individuals to leave their desks and join local walkouts.


The power of friction for brands navigating a frictionless world

Seamless brand experiences risk being forgettable; sometimes it pays to throw in a few well-placed obstacles.


Total brand experience can deliver long-term impact

Total brand experience requires a perfect blend of creativity and design thinking, says Matt Holt, chief strategy officer at Digitas UK.


The age of synthetic content raises the trust bar yet again

David Beckham's Malaria No More campaign has raised fresh concerns around synthetic content. Digitas Chief Product Officer, Rafe Blandford, explores how brands can navigate this landscape.


The evolving dynamics of the direct-to-consumer market

Mahabis, the upmarket slipper maker and one time DTC (direct-to-consumer) poster child is in administration, but the brand began with a business model rather than a product, says David Carr, Strategy Director at Digitas. And other DTC brands are also feeling the pinch.


How marketers can better leverage the Amazon opportunity

David Carr, Strategy Director at Digitas, explores how Amazon is changing the face of marketing.


Out of the closet and into the agency

15% of advertising and marketing professionals who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans or queer have experienced acts of physical and emotional abuse and harassment in the office, according to a survey conducted by Digitas and Gay Star News.


Changing our relationship with shopping

First trailed in 2016, Amazon has finally opened its Amazon Go checkout-free retail store to the Seattle public. What does this mean for retailers? And for brands in general?


Can brands be moral guardians of the internet?

Over the past 20 years, the ethics of the internet have been put to one side, on the basis that tech businesses are merely 'giving the people what they want' - but it is time for change.


Who has the power to make the internet great again?

The importance of understanding people, the power of empathy and the need to create relevant experiences were crucial themes to emerge from this year’s NewFront, says Stuart Aitken, Head of Brand & Content at DigitasLBi.


Make the Internet Great Again

Stuart Aitken looks back over the last three years of the DigitasLBi UK NewFront and explains how the agency arrived at the theme for this year’s event.


Paid Social: It pays to get it right

The paid social arena can be an overwhelming place to be, but there are simple ways to turn the overwhelming into the productive


What do we talk about when we talk about branded content?

Content is the last C word of marketing and digital media - often misused, never defined and frequently offensive to the ears.


The robots are coming

It was hard to avoid robots in Cannes this year. Fern Miller, Chief Strategy Officer, International, at DigitasLBi, reflects on what it all means.