In a recent rebrand, we put the chill in Churchill. Highlighting the chill feeling that comes from letting your insurance do the hard work and giving Churchie the dog a makeover. It was time to put the new brand in action.

Being a family can be hectic at the best of times. Let alone in the middle of a pandemic. Many families suddenly found themselves trying to juggle kids with work with everything else. With all that going on, we knew families would appreciate a little moment of chill. And we knew just how to help.


We created Little Chapters of Chill. A podcast series with mindfulness at its heart. Written and designed for children between the ages of 4 – 7, each story takes the listener on a calming adventure with Churchie the dog. There are five adventures to enjoy, with a mindfulness exercise included in each story. They’re a great way to get kids off screens, calm the mind and reduce stress.

Created by our amazing team of experts, the stories were a great way to get kids off screens and give parents a break when they needed it most. Written by top children’s author and qualified meditation guide, Sue Pickford, whose book, Chinglish, was named one of 2019’s best children’s books. And narrated by bestselling author, podcast host, and mum, Giovanna Fletcher. Giovanna made global headlines earlier this year when her podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby became number one in the world after her interview with The Duchess of Cambridge.


To promote and drive downloads of the podcasts we created three message variants targeted at three core addressable audience groups.

For each audience we produced over 60 creative variants - first testing and dynamically optimising to establish the core messaging most likely to drive downloads, and followed an iterative process of testing and refining.

Over a four week period we produced, tested and optimised over 200 pieces of social media content to drive downloads, each day evaluating which were most effectively driving outcomes and optimising to these.

This hustle and focus on performance drove the fast download numbers that are needed from across our audience in order to achieve a Number 1 slot Apple’s podcast chart.



How we got the nation to chill out when the world was at its most frazzled.

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