From one plane to the UK’s No.1.

Real truth

20 years ago, was a small, low-cost airline with one aircraft. Since then, our partnership has helped them become Trip Advisor’s No.1 airline in the UK - with 100 aircraft. While sister brand Jet2Holidays is now the nation’s second’s largest tour operator.

Real connection

We’re’s lead agency and brand guardians. It’s a truly collaborative partnership that sees us manage every aspect of their marketing strategy. From brand-building to destination and hub-activation campaigns. Since 2016, we’ve captured the hearts and minds of holidaymakers to capitalise on the soaring popularity of Jet2Holidays. The ‘Hold my Hand’ campaign works through all advertising channels, Jet2’s internal teams and multiple partners.

Real results

UK airline on Trip Advisor
average growth per year for over five years
£1.73 billion
in revenue (from £228 million in 2004)


From one plane to the UK’s No.1

A long-standing partnership, making Jet2 the go-to for over 96 million holidaymakers.

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