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Following a loss of sales through C19 lockdown, Suzuki wanted to up their sales target for Q1.

With the Swift target making up nearly 40% of Suzuki’s entire Q1 sales target, we wanted to shine a light on the entry level Swift’s amazing deal.

With a reversing camera, cruise control and smartphone technology all coming as standard at an entry level, as well as being as little as £169 a month with 0% APR, we wanted to draw attention to this deal with support on TV.

Targeting young, first car buyers as well as older audiences who may be in need of a second car or a family runabout, we tapped into the car-shopping insight that people often turn to a trusted ‘car-mate’ when buying a car, who help make sure they’re well prepared and get a good deal when they visit a dealership. 

The 30” TV ad shows an 80s inspired training montage of a car buyer being prepped by his trusty ‘car-mate’ before his purchase. The ad shows the car buyer gearing up to his big moment of entering the dealership to begin his negotiation for a good deal, only to find out that the Swift SZ-L already has everything he was looking for, no haggling required.

Consistent use of real Suzuki dealerships were used to cement the authenticity of the ad.

The aim was to not only increase Suzuki Swift sales and test drives in Q1, but to also entertain viewers, make them laugh and bring them happiness!


Suzuki Car-mate

Driving sales by shining a light on the new Suzuki Hybrid Swift.

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