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The World is Looking to you, COP26

Frustrated by the lack of action from previous COPs, and keen to ensure COP26 is different, Quadrature Climate Foundation (QCF) made a bold move.

Back in 2020 QCF decided to purchase a large amount of outdoor media space – in Glasgow and major transport hubs throughout the UK – from airports to train stations. This act effectively blocked other advertisers from ‘green-washing’ during the period of the conference.

They then briefed us to create a campaign like no other. They wanted a creative message that would make global leaders and delegates take notice, feel uncomfortable, be aware of their responsibilities and motivated to take significant action.

The resulting campaign – The World is Looking to You, COP 26 – features real people on the frontline of the climate crisis around the world.

Using the construct of the human gaze, we show people looking to Glasgow, from floods and fires, through to droughts and locust swarms. The epic shots, taken by world renown photographers, have an arresting impact which is hard to ignore. Most have been taken in the last few months.

In some instances, the creative shows tight crops on eyes and faces… but where possible, we zoom out to show the full context of the shot. In some locations QR codes can be scanned to access a full 360 panorama of the scene to dramatise the real life experience.


The World is Looking to you, COP26

A powerful new OOH campaign revealing the alarming reality of the climate crisis has been unveiled today across the UK. ‘THE WORLD IS LOOKING TO YOU COP26’ targets delegates and business leaders attending the vitally important event beginning in Glasgow next week.

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