The Missing Jewels Campaign

Netflix’s Lupin Part 3 marked the return of an iconic series after a two-year hiatus, continuing its narrative of a contemporary gentleman thief, Assane, orchestrating heists across Paris. The long wait and a saturated entertainment market make it imperative to re-spark viewer engagement and introduce the franchise to untapped audiences.

The key objectives were to:

1- Re-ignite & broaden Lupin enthusiasm. Inspire renewed excitement among existing fans while extending appeal to wider audiences.

2- Enrich Lupin's Universe. Establish deeper iconicity through distinctive assets, laying a robust foundation for potential sequels and spin-offs.

3- Position Lupin as the year's unmatched blockbuster. Maintain a commitment to innovative and spellbinding narratives that captivate both media and viewers

The campaign

The campaign was launched during Paris Fashion Week, a high-profile event, attracting visitors from all over the world. This came as a great opportunity to reach a global audience with an original and intriguing creative idea, whilst maximizing the media coverage.

The campaign idea was inspired by the juxtaposition of Lupin's mythical status in French culture as a charming and principled thief against the backdrop of the opulent and high-profile Paris Fashion Week.

Recognizing the challenge of re-engaging audiences, the campaign leveraged Lupin's unique appeal—a figure who artfully navigates the line between morality and mischief. This cultural insight guided our approach by building an innovative campaign mimicking luxury jewellery advertisements that contained subtle allusions to Lupin's thefts.

The impact

This campaign brilliantly capitalizes on outdoor advertising's vast reach and public engagement potential, using Paris's iconic luxury billboards to blend the myth of Lupin with high fashion. By launching during Paris Fashion Week, it gained unprecedented visibility, connecting the historical allure of Lupin with contemporary culture in a public, impactful manner, thus making Lupin's return unmissable.

The campaign was able to deliver against the 3 objectives:

Reignite & Broaden Lupin Enthusiasm > This campaign married the local flavour of a French show with Netflix's global reach, engaging devoted Lupin fans and social followers while captivating an untapped, broader audience and verticals. It dominated social conversations a week before and after launch.

Enrich Lupin's Universe > By melding its iconic plot and intrigue with real-life, renowned fashion houses, the campaign garnered praise for its creative execution. Its clever, refined approach elevated Netflix and the Lupin IP from a fun, witty family show to a high-stakes, high-standard experience.

Position Lupin as the year's unmatched blockbuster > User sharing, extensive PR coverage (+55 articles from global media across 17 countries) and +100 social media mentions within two weeks solidified Lupin as the year's unmatched blockbuster. Industry influencers in entertainment and fashion amplified its impact online and offline.


Lupin - 'The Missing Jewels' campaign

Netflix’s infamous gentlemen thief, Lupin returned for a 3rd series after a 2 year hiatus. The long wait and saturated entertainment market meant it was imperative to re-spark viewer engagement and introduce the franchise to untapped audiences.

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