Firetree came to us with an idea to launch a premium chocolate brand. But how do you choose a chocolate when faced with multiple brands on a shelf all claiming to be special? They needed an unfair advantage.

Our response was to create a new category with only one player. Firetree had a unique product feature, Firetree’s cacao beans are only grown in volcanic soil. In the sea of single provenance chocolates, that talked about “Pure origin”, “Dark”, “Milk”, we created a “Volcanic Chocolate”. 

Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, 100% cocoa

Papua New Guinea, Karkar Island, 72% cocoa

Madagascar, Sambirano Valley, 84% cocoa

Vanuatu, Malekula Island, 72% cocoa

Philippines, Mindanao Island, 73% cocoa

Solomon Islands, Makira Island 75% cocoa

We gave them a complete brand world: positioning, an identity and a brand narrative. 

Moreover, we believe in this business so much that we invested in it.



Creating a new category for a chocolate brand.