Sonova: Hear more than just words

The Business Challenge

In the dynamic landscape of the global AC network, consisting of 19 local affiliates (GCs) and over 10 distinct store brands, a unique challenge arises. While these brands share a common foundation of brand guidelines, their appearance and positioning vary across countries. Aligning all AC brands under a unified umbrella brand is paramount. In addition to unifying all AC brands, AC's ambition is to become the global market leader in hearing care retail.

The Solution

Creating the communicational strategy and launch the campaign with big idea ‘Hear more than just words, feel them’ designed to bridge the gap between words and emotions. It showcases the newest hearing device with the unique SmartSpeechTM technology that you could buy in Sonova as well as to get the professional help from Sonova experts.

"Throughout the campaign we have shown how the new device improves speech understanding in many challenging situations and help you truly feel the words."

Olesia Borovska, Senior Account Manager


Sonova: Hear more than just words

Hear more than just words, feel them. We created a campaign that introduced the latest Sonova hearing device, designed to enable seamless participation in conversations, even in challenging situations. Experience not just hearing words, but feeling their impact.

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