Women's Aid: He's Coming Home


Raise awareness of the support Women’s Aid provides for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Our main goals were to:

  • Increase traffic across Women’s Aid’s owned channels (social media and website), but specifically to the Women’s Aid website where visitors could find help for themselves or further information on how to best support those in need
  • Encourage donations and increase traffic to the ‘Get Involved’ page of the site to help support women in need

Insight and Strategic Approach:

From Women’s Aid’s own research we knew that when the England national team played and won or drew, domestic violence incidents still increased by 26% compared with days when there was no football match.

We used this insight to target the cultural moment of the World Cup, twisting the iconic chant of 'It's Coming Home' to make an important point.

This campaign targeted three main groups:

  • Women in danger and in existing domestic abuse relationships
  • Women aged 18+ who would connect more on an emotional level to this type of campaign and the work Women’s Aid does day-to-day
  • The wider public, to drive awareness of how Women’s Aid offers support


We engaged multidisciplinary British artist, Corbin Shaw to create a series of eye-catching artworks that turned “It’s Coming Home” into the sobering “He’s Coming Home.”

Printed across giant England flags, these pieces of art were then installed in out-of-home billboard spaces up and down the country in key high-footfall locations.

This was supported by a chilling and thought-provoking piece of content that further highlighted the issue. The video produced showed a series of homes celebrating the moments of a football match until the camera panned around a cul-de-sac to land on a house where chilling shouts and screams were heard as a result of a domestic issue taking place.

All of these assets were distributed to media, seeded out across owned social channels and launched to the public the morning of England’s second World Cup Group match in November for maximum impact, and remained in situ for the duration of the World Cup


During launch weekend – and following the first England match – we saw hundreds of posts shared helping to raise awareness of Women’s Aid’s continued support for women in these difficult circumstances. On TikTok alone, Women’s Aid’s post has had 14.9 million views across launch weekend - a momentous achievement in its own right, not to mention it being the brand’s first-ever TikTok post.

Perhaps more impactful were the conversations sparked across every social platform. Individuals were sharing our chilling imagery across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Raising Awareness:

The campaign saw over 50 pieces of coverage secured in the first week of launch, with 5 national pieces landing across the launch weekend.

From industry press to opinion pieces, and specific consumer titles, all features included strong brand mentions, with over 60% including a link back to the Women’s Aid website.

Increased traffic to owned channels:

Women’s Aid saw an increase of 17% in website traffic to their Support Page during the launch weekend, a key objective of the campaign. The Women’s Aid social media channels also saw a 4,000 boost in followers following the launch and an organic social reach of over 222 million from people sharing the imagery or content.

The brand’s TikTok post alone saw just shy of 24 million views on #HesComingHome during launch weekend. This resulted in a 78% increase in website traffic directly from social channels – a phenomenal feat for the brand.

Encouraging Donations:

Women’s Aid saw an increase of 44% in web traffic to their Donate page and a 2% increase to their Get Involved page – both channels that the public can then use to donate to the charity.

14.9 million
TikTok views on launch weekend
National coverage pieces
of coverage including link back to Women's Aid website
more followers
222 million
organic social reach
<24 million
views on #HesComingHome launch weekend
increase in website traffic directly from social channels
increase in website traffic to Donate page


Women's Aid: He's Coming Home

Instances of domestic violence rising during major sporting events is not new news but is a story that needs to be told. Through an integrated campaign, we subverted 'It's Coming Home' to "He's Coming Home" to generate a 44% increase in traffic to Women's Aid's donation page.

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