Flavour Head: Infusing the tea category with cocktail-inspired flavours

The Brief

Our challenge was to shake up the highly saturated herbal tea category with a strong and distinctive new brand that delivers a premium tea and taste experience.

The Market

The UK is a nation of tea drinkers. From the traditional ‘builders’ brew’ to herbal infusions, we love the stuff.

The market is changing, as tastes evolve to new flavours from around the world like green tea, matcha and exotic spicy blends. With this comes greater choice and uncertainty, with consumers often asking ’what’s in it?’, ‘where it’s from?’ and more importantly ‘will I like it?’. 

With the profusion of brands, there are literally thousands of underwhelming and predictable expressions of lemons, mint and chamomile flowers. We saw an opportunity for flavour to be the catalyst for our new tea brand, and to create a new 'botanical tea' segment, inspired by the botanicals trend in the alcoholic drinks category.

The Flavours

Drawing inspiration from the sophisticated world of cocktails, we worked with our client to develop a range of flavours to capture mood and moment. After much blending, tasting, tweaking and repeating we finalised five stimulating flavours: Mad About Mint, Wonderfully Zesty, Far-Out Fruits, Citrus Sunrise and Crazy Exotic. Each tea boasts a unique botanical infusion.

“We love the design, it’s really different, refreshing, it stands out”

Sunday General Deli, Bristol

A Brand Brewing

Our starting point was to look at the sophisticated world of spirits and cocktails for inspiration, a category that itself was undergoing transformation and innovation.

We saw this as a way of identifying flavours that are familiar but also provide a refreshing twist on established tea favourites. Think of our products as inspired by Negroni, Gin & Tonic, Tequila Sunrise and Mojito.  

The Name

When it came to the brand name, our audience, just like the founder, are all about the flavour. When he described himself as a ‘flavour head’ in one of our creative sessions, we had a sense we’d just landed on a name that worked on many levels; rooted in a brand and product truth and a colourful descriptor of the brand’s proposition and personality. Flavour Head was brewing.

Missouri got the balance just right and added a playfulness that puts a smile on your face.

Craig Harries, Founder of Flavour Head

The Results

Flavour Head is delivering on its strategy, delivering on distribution with up-market independent retailers in the initial phase of its development.

Since its launch in Spring 2022, the brand has gained listings in over 40 independent retailers across the country and several wholesalers.

Our design work has spanned all touch points, including packaging, trade leaflets, websites and merchandise.

Flavour Head received a bronze award at the Food & Drink Expo at launch, the only tea brand to win an award. Flavour Head has since featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Good Housekeeping, Food & Travel Shortlist and House & Garden, and has garnered endorsements from prominent food writers like Melissa Hemsley, Chetna Makan and Romy Gill.

With five new flavours recently launched, Flavour Head has an exciting future.


Flavour Head: Infusing the tea category with cocktail-inspired flavours

Our start-up client approached us with a brief to shake up the highly-saturated and slightly worthy herbal tea category with a strong and distinctive new brand.

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