Kopparberg: creating with Gen Z

To become Gen Z's number one

You can't tell Gen Z you're cool. You can't try to be part of their culture, shouting and screaming that they should love you. Gen Z sees straight through it. Kopparberg's Dream was 'to become the number one drinks brand in the UK for Gen Z', but we had to take a different approach to deserve it.

Let Gen Z create their firsts

The Gen Z consumer is naturally creative. They have a less fixed, more fluid and experimental view of the world than previous generations. To become a favourite of Gen Z's, we decided to let them get creative with Kopparberg.

In 2022 we created a partnership with digital media and design University, Ravensbourne. We launched a competition as part of their course to design three limited edition bottles for the summer months, Kopparberg's key trading period.

The brief for the design was to build on the brand's platform 'to firsts that last', to create designs inspired by the student's first experiences that make memories that last. For one lucky winner, they would create their first ever design in market that would last all summer.

The Plan was to 'let Gen Z create their firsts that last'

Truly let Gen Z fly

In 2022, the competition was won by Ben McKay. His designs featured graffiti inspired glowing fruit. A very contemporary take on Kopparberg's past labels.

The limited edition packs flew off the shelves, helping Kopparberg reach record sales.

We returned in 2023 to Ravensbourne to hand over the reigns to the students once again. This time, with success behind the competition, the Kopparberg team felt more confident to let go of the brand even more.

The Hustle, the way to become a real favourite was to 'truly let Gen Z fly'.

The competition winner in 2023 was Paulina Gronlund who described her design as inspired by mother nature with bright, fruity embellishments in a quirky punk style.

The results

The most important result is that Ben and Paulina saw their designs in market all over the UK. In addition, their university fees were paid for a full year and they gained a summer placement at neverland in the Design team. Ben impressed us so much, he's now a full time designer at neverland.

The results for the brand are equally impressive.

Kopparberg is now the no1 preferred alcoholic drinks brand for Gen Z according brand tracking.

And having been no1 for value, but behind Strongbow for volume, Kopparberg's growth has ensured it is now the undisputed no1 fruit cider brand in the UK for value and volume.

Importantly, the partnership with Ravensbourne and the competition goes from strength to strength, with 2024 already well under way.


Kopparberg: creating with Gen Z

A brand loved by millennials, Gen Z were more fickle. We needed to become part of their world, support their creativity and culture.

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