Rightmove: the market leader repositioning to drive growth

To be the undisputed experts in property

Rightmove, the UK's no1 property website/ app has long dominated in property search, with over 95% of all properties sold appearing on their site.

In addition to search, Rightmove has extensive data on the property market, giving them unrivalled insight and expertise for consumers and customers alike.

With such a position of strength in search, growth needs to come not from increase in market share, but from innovating and expanding the offer, with a Dream 'to be the undisputed experts in renting, owning and developing property'.

Drive belief in being able to make your move

The housing market in the UK has become ever more unpredictable and challenging. A third of people are likely to be renting until they retire, a third of 20-35-year-olds are living with their parents, and the average age of a first-time buyer is now 37 – up five years since 2020.

It's not just the housing market that has become less predictable, traditional life stages are disappearing, we're marrying later, having children later or not at all, engaging in portfolio careers. Our criteria for what's important has changed.

We created a new segmentation to reflect these non-linear life stages, the insight that united them reflecting their fear of missing out on those key life successes.

To respond to this, our Plan for Rightmove was to leverage their unique position of being able to provide market-leading expertise which can support people and drive their self-belief so that 'with Rightmove, you can believe your move can happen'.

Tell the stories of what matters most

With a consumer focused on new markers of success and a brand positioning centred around 'belief', we created a campaign that focused not on the bricks and mortar of property, but of those important things that truly matter in making a home a home, signing off with the end line...

'Believe it'

The AV, 'dunk' tells the story of a young boy named Sam moving to a new house with his father after his parents' divorce and how his Dad's main aim was to find a house with space for a basketball hoop.

Equally OOH, social and digital featured stories of those features that truly make a home special.

For Rightmove, The Hustle was to tell stories of what matters most, to help people believe their move really can happen.

The results

The new brand strategy has been adopted by the business, and is driving internal behaviours, innovation and product development.

The campaign was extremely well received, with 5 stars on David Reviews and a host of accolades from the industry.

Commercial results for Rightmove were extremely strong, despite a sluggish property market, revenue was up £31.7m/10% YOY to £364.3m, as customers upgraded their packages and increased their use of digital products beyond simply search.

This resulted in an operating profit of £258.0m; up 7% on 2022.


Rightmove: the market leader repositioning to drive growth

Creating a strategy for Rightmove to drive growth beyond their core expertise in search.

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