Fewer than 25% of under 5’s eat more than 3 types of fruit and veg each day, according to specially commissioned YouGov research.


To create a simple, useful and fun tool that helps parents introduce their little ones to healthy foods.


Parents are often confused about when to introduce new foods, playing it safe and sticking to a few favourites, instead of getting the most out of the 'flavour window' from 6-18 months, when little ones are most open to discovering new things to eat.  


The A-Z of Great Food.  

A fun way to introduce your little ones to a range of nutritiously delicious foods. Whether you tick them off, one by one, on the printed wall chart or seek inspiration from the recipes and advice on the web hub, the A-Z of Great food helps parents to set their children up for life as happy, healthy eaters.   


An A-Z style wall chart and content hub, including a range of recipes and tips. The integrated launch campaign included a range of digital advertising and content across Meta, TikTok and YouTube, featuring the foods from the A-Z in Rube Goldberg style stopframe animations.

The campaign was supported with an influencer engagement and PR programme, and featured at family festivals.


Organix A-Z

Our work for Organix introduces the 'A-Z of Great Food', which gives parents a fun way to introduce their little ones to a wide range of nutritiously delicious food. The campaign features the foods from the A-Z in fun, Rube Goldberg style stop-frame animations.

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