Get people to use canned pineapple as a cooking ingredient an extra time per year. 

Though 53% of Brits tolerate pineapple on their pizza, most people don’t cook with it very often and don’t think of it as a cupboard staple. They think all canned pineapple is the same, and that it’s not as tasty or healthy as chopping up a fiddly fresh one.


Upset food purists by messing with a sacred national dish.

We needed our budget to punch through expected serving suggestions and the plethora of online recipe content and drive real engagement and extra reach for the campaign. We aimed to stir up passions by playing with a beloved and sacrosanct national dish – The Full English Breakfast – and challenged Brits to give it a go, trusting that canned pineapple adds some wow to any dish. 


“Pineapple is all well and good, but carving one up is a real pain. I never think of adding it to my meals, and I don’t know many recipes that use it.”


Add some WOW to your Full English


Social campaign

Social media animations spoke directly to the people of Britain, encouraging them to “Add Some Wow” to their Full English Breakfast with a grilled pineapple slice sitting proudly atop their bacon. These were supported by interactive Story assets designed to gauge the nation’s appetite and drive debate. A Dole reporter took to streets of Britain, asking real breakfasters what they thought of the idea, with the people once again divided.

Paid foodie influencers on TikTok were tasked with cooking up their own Full English with pineapple. And national media picked up the story, including an endorsement from the English Breakfast Society who confirmed that none other than Charles II loved a bit of grilled pineapple in the morning.

The paid media campaign also drove traffic to the Dole Sunshine website, which has had an ‘Add Some WOW’ facelift, and features WOW Recipes with inspirational ideas covering everything from Hawaiian burgers to Pineapple Fried Quinoa.  


From 6 – 26 November 2024, the main branded animated post on Meta achieved:

  • 1.1 million people reached
  • 3,587,876 video views
  • 511,756 engagements (comments, shares, likes and clicks)
  • Meaning a massive 45% of all people engaged!

Instagram Story poll gained 1,855 responders

  • 37% said "yes it’s WOW!"
  • 63% said "no it's not"

Additionally, the influencer collaboration delivered:

  • 200,000 video plays
  • 15,000 comments, shares and likes

PR coverage reached millions in national press that ranged from the Daily Telegraph to the Daily Star, with everything in between. Plus we appeared on the ITV News, Good Morning Britain and BBC News and even got picked up by foreign media.

And overall, the campaign is seen as the most successful social campaign that Dole Sunshine Company has ever run. The debate will rage on in 2024, with fresh content and campaigns in the pipeline encouraging Britain to Add Some Wow to their Full English.


Stoking controversy for Dole Sunshine

If you think pineapple on pizza is a crime, look away now! We launched Dole Tropical Gold canned pineapple by playing with a beloved and sacrosanct national dish – The Full English – in a controversial campaign spanning social media, influencer content and PR.

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