From financial experts to LinkedIn gurus overnight.

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Through the leadership and steer of the Present Works team, we devised a marketing plan, creating assets, campaigns and other social posts with a distinct and recognisable feel that immediately highlighted HSBC’s brand image and showed our research capabilities, local insights and global connectivity. The increase in readership, connection requests for our analysts, viral posts and requests for access to the HSBC Global Research platform has been significant since the start of the LinkedIn campaign.

Guillermo C Berger, Director

The Challenge

The team at HSBC Global Research already produced a mountain of fantastic content and investment advice. But now, they wanted the individuals who produced that research to be recognised as the thought leaders they were, while increasing their readership from social media channels and getting their names in front of potential new clients.

The Approach

We worked closely with an initial team of four analysts, training them on how to use LinkedIn effectively and consistently connecting with relevant individuals in their market. Using their flagship research reports, we created succint, snackable content across a range of formats. By actively growing each analyst's LinkedIn presence, we could demonstrate their value to prospective clients while also increasing the readership of their reports.

The Outcome

Our support has enabled key members within the HSBC Global Research team to stand out as genuine thought leaders on LinkedIn, with one member recognised as a Top Content Creator for the Finance sector. The team has been able to exploit a previously untapped channel, and we have continued to train new analysts as HSBC Global Research expands its coverage. Crucially, this level of training and support has empowered each analyst to create and sustain their own individual content strategy, ensuring our team can continue to focus on exploring new and more disruptive creative ideas.

About HSBC Global Research

HSBC Global Research combine unparalleled local insights, global connectivity and professional integrity to deliver the best investment opportunities to their clients and HSBC stakeholders through fundamental analysis and thought-provoking ideas.


From financial experts to LinkedIn gurus overnight.

Since 2019 Present Works have been working with HSBC Global Research to drive audience engagement and deliver new clients to the team.

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