Converting blue-chip clients with a collaborative B2B marketing partnership.

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Present Works offer an intelligent and practical approach to brand and communications. They understand Trinity McQueen and have demonstrated real expertise in engaging with our target market and delivering new opportunities and partnerships to our business. They are our marketing department, and are a true extension of our team.

Robin Horsfield, Managing Director

The Challenge

Trinity McQueen needed a Marketing Strategy that would reposition their offering from a hands-on market research company to a strategic partner within the space. To do this, they first needed a new website worthy up to the task.

The Approach

We worked with Trinity McQueen to leverage the truly the great minds within the business to create a sophisticated content plan built around their key sectors. We designed and developed a new website that housed two sections 'What We Do' and 'How We Think', the latter serving as an editorial style content hub, which is supported by an ongoing monthly content plan that is marketed across LinkedIn and email.

The Outcome

Since its launch, the website has consistently generated new leads for the business, offering genuine value to their prospective client base. The business's thought leaders are celebrated, fostering a positive internal sentiment. Notably, Trinity McQueen's content-driven approach has captured the attention of esteemed organizations such as The Marketing Society and AURA. This recognition has led to valuable partnerships on the flagship segment "5 Questions 5 Minutes". This collaboration has not only elevated Trinity McQueen's profile but solidified their position as industry experts.

About Trinity McQueen

Trinity McQueen are a research and insight consultancy that make audiences more predictable for their clients. They use behaviour-led insight to drive true growth, informing strategies for market, communications and brand.


Converting blue-chip clients with a collaborative B2B marketing partnership.

For the last 5 years, Present Works have been the go-to marketing partner for Trinity McQueen, a UK based insight consultancy. We have developed and delivered a content-led marketing strategy and evolved their brand strategy, identity and website along the way.

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