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Quiet Storm is a purpose led, employee-owned creative agency that produces its own film work. We look to transform businesses lives and society through creativity.

Creativity delivered through big ideas, born from powerful insights, that live anywhere and everywhere and emotionally connect with people to change the way they think, feel and behave. Delivering a significant step change for businesses.

We are comfortable with being uncomfortable and will always punch above our weight, supporting you to do so too.

As strategic and creative lead agency for the majority of our clients, both in the UK and internationally, our campaigns have spanned over 25 countries.






Diversity in the industry: 'Things need to be shaken up'

'Why not take the same creativity and strategy used to crack a brief, to deal with diversity and inclusion within a company?' Executive Creative Director and founder of Quiet Storm, Trevor Robinson OBE, talks to AdForum as part of their US Black History Month series. He shares his thoughts on diversity in advertising, as well as explaining why he decided to revive Create Not Hate last year.


Let's celebrate Black History Month by taking risks

Trevor Robinson OBE, talks to The Drum about how Black History Month is more than just an opportunity to educate people- it is a chance to promote positive stories from voices that don't often get heard, entertain an audience, and make some real change.


Create Not Hate 'Check Your Prejudice' campaign launched

Young Londoners reveal creative work based on first-hand experiences of racism. Three participants of Create Not Hate discuss their involvement in the anti-racism campaign, the ideas behind the work and what creativity really means to them. Create Not Hate is a non-profit initiative founded by Trevor Robinson OBE to create a gateway into the creative industries for young people of colour.


Businesses must restructure to challenge traditional notions of leadership

Anna Coscia, Planning Director at Quiet Storm, argues that society still associates power with masculinity, presenting a case for business restructuring which allows women and men to lead in a more inclusive way.


Giving Artificial Intelligence Creative License Leads to Uninspired Advertising

Trevor Robinson OBE, founder and executive creative director of Quiet Storm, discusses the role of technology in advertising and whether you lose something important when artificial intelligence takes the place of human intelligence entirely.


Why craft matters in advertising

Trevor Robinson OBE, founder and executive creative director of Quiet Storm, examines how craft in advertising has changed in the digital age, but why it remains essential to creating emotional and effective campaigns.


Trevor Robinson OBE:

A creative idea is worth nothing if it can't be brought to life, and to reflect this Cannes Lions launched the Industry Craft Lions in 2018. An addition to the Film & Digital Craft categories, "the Industry Craft Lion celebrates the creative artistry, talent and skill required to deliver a beautifully executed solution and bring a creative idea to life". As the president for the category 2019 Trevor Robinson OBE shares his thoughts on what he's aiming to achieve with the category this year.



With choice proliferation in even the simplest categories and an ever-fragmenting media landscape pumping out thousands of brand messages every day to reach people who's attention span is now just 8 seconds, how do we engage people effectively?


Being unafraid to go against the grain can work wonders for your profile

When we work with brands, we start by celebrating the truth of who they are and the people who are really going to love them. We mark ideas by their ability to trigger strong emotional reactions to grab attention.


Why The Birth Of Voice Doesn’t Mean The Death Of Advertising

In one of its periodic spasms of self-doubt, some sectors of the industry have been quick to hail the ascendancy of digital voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, as striking a death knell for brand advertising. Aside from the fact that these same voices are quick to consign tried and tested advertising techniques to the bin with each technological development (whilst consistently being proved wrong), in this instance their assumption may not just be incorrect but the opposite might be true.


Warning: Natural May Be Bad For Your Marketing Health

What happens when a long standing marketing paradigm is undermined? Something so well established, we apply it without thinking; so incontrovertibly true, no one questions it. When it’s pointed out that naturally healthy dried fruit snacks are less good for you than a packet of sweets, and that a burger is healthier than a handmade baguette, we may be about to find out.