Setting up KP Peanut Butter as The Best Thing ON Sliced Bread

Here at KP Nuts we’ve been the powerhouse of peanuts for nearly 70 years so it just made sense to launch peanut butter, giving customers a chance to enjoy our delicious nuts in a different way.

Kevin McNair, Marketing Director

KP, took nearly 70 years of passion and experience for all things nuts and squeezed them into a jar to create a Peanut Butter full of both flavour and goodness.

With the new smooth and crunchy variants boasting both health (no added sugar or artificial ingredients, 35% less salt) and eco credentials (no palm oil, jar and lid also 100% recyclable) Red ran a campaign to ‘tastefully’ champion KP Peanut Butter goodness vs the many competitors on the market.

An extensive trial & reviews programme was conducted with peanut butter connoisseurs - 100 influencers from 10 different walks of life, including bakers, fitness professionals, eco warriors, former GBBO contestants and teens.

How it worked

Testers were asked to compare KP’s Peanut Butter against the brands they would usually buy to find out if KP Peanut Butter was really ‘the best thing on sliced bread’.

Following our taste tests, 92% of our panel said they would be buying KP Peanut Butter in future! Data from the tasting panel was used to generate a news story and social content. Our mass sell-in approach hit the nationals, wires and consumer titles, with a targeted focus on the ‘What’s New’ slots in consumer print and onlines.

To give us striking imagery for editorial and social we held and photographed a blind taste test with leading bakers.

We increased social buzz via partnerships with leading influencers – challenging them to get creative in showcasing KP Peanut Butter as the best thing on sliced bread. Their exotic toppings certainly generated plenty of engagement.

13.5m OTS
Editorial coverage
2.8k+ engagements
Influencer content
222k reach
Influencer content
80 positive, well-messaged pieces
Editorial coverage
23 pieces with 380k follower reach
Earned social


Making KP Peanut Butter the best thing on sliced bread – 100 influencers put the spreads to test!

With peanut butter officially taking over from jam as the number one spread in the UK, KP Nuts tasked Red to create a launch for their new Peanut Butter variants, that would highlight the brands’ health, taste and eco credentials versus the many competitors.

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