MotoNovo Finance came to us in 2017 with a vision: to change the way people search for and buy cars as well as car finance from dealers, for good.  

Typically, UK car dealers who offered finance from MotoNovo would advertise their stock of vehicles using traditional methods – a little press here and there, the occasional outdoor ad, and most notably, through AutoTrader.  

The used cars sales giant was an established force at getting eyes on car ads, but this visibility came at a hefty price for those barely making enough money on the cars they were selling to begin with… 

But, what if? 

What if MotoNovo Finance could provide a place for its dealers to advertise their cars, for free? A place where users could find the hundreds of thousands of quality cars they wanted, and couple MotoNovo’s dealer finance alongside? 

Sounds good, great in fact. But to make it work, MotoNovo needed to attract a lot of traffic (pardon the pun). Here’s how S3 rewarded their ambition, helping them take on the big from 0-100, real quick. 

The online used car sales market in the UK is vast and as competitive as a parent, child egg and spoon race. Stressful. Helping dealers see as a viable option for listing and indeed selling their vehicles would require a large and engaged online audience for the platform to become a serious contender alongside market leaders. 

The task was also about attribution; of course, some users would buy the car and finance right from the site, but many would use it as a ‘shop window’ to browse cars from dealerships up and down the country before visiting a dealership in person to test drive. We had to help dealers see the power of the site as a footfall driver as well as sales tool – no small feat. Size 11.’s natural strength is its ability to let customers easily find 000s of quality dealer cars and dealer finance all in one place 

On-site ‘decision in principles’ for car finance and full finance applications enable users to easily access dealer finance online. Why is this beneficial? Because it’s easy.  

Dealer finance comes with consumer protection in case anything goes wrong with the car, and helps dealers small and large finally put their own finance product in front of the customer, for free. 

This all-in-one-place model was the backbone of’s ‘feel good car buying’ proposition. S3 knew the model had all the credentials needed to make it a success – it just needed an audience to activate it. How did we do that ‘en? 

The digital brief featured hefty targets: sales revenue targets meant we needed hundreds of thousands of website visitors and thousands of dealership leads each month. 

Our digital strategy comprised a complex, multi-layered approach across search, display, social and programmatic channels. It was designed with relentless measurement and optimisation at its ever-beating heart.  

We would test, learn, test, then learn some more. Over the course of the campaign, we overhauled our method several times over, with programmatic dynamic remarketing, 100s of PPC landing pages and video advert sequencing all introduced to optimise digital performance at ever-growing heights. 

Knowing how important the dealer finance element was to findandfundmycar’s offer and to MotoNovo’s revenues, we sought new opportunities within mined search term data.  

Where competitors focused on make and model, we could go after the finance market – the space in which the likes of and Admiral usually play – and give its customers make, model and money. This tactic was a winner, generating an impressive uplift in website traffic and ultimately, conversions.  

When it came to attributing results, the team had yet another challenge on their hands. When a sale was not neatly completed online, the site’s complicated user journey saw customers start browsing online, go offline to a dealership, then return online – via the dealer’s finance CRM system – to record the finance agreement with MotoNovo. 

Only a bespoke model would do. With able to provide postcode match data, S3 designed and built an attribution data model that allowed MotoNovo not only track sales that came from its digital campaigns, but those that came from its offline media – TV, radio, VOD – too.  

This system helped make intelligent decisions adjusting the dials of their different areas of marketing spend.  

S3 also worked hand in hand with findandfundmycar’s creative agency to advise on the formats and messaging of digital assets required for the campaign, increasing clicks and conversions incrementally as each learning was made. Tidy. 

A digital campaign with a non-stop growth in ROI, carving out a new way of doing things in the dealer car market

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How a digital advertising campaign helps dealers break free from AutoTrader's grip

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