The best run simple

The Situation

How can SAP – a tech-industry giant expanding from back-office installation to cloud-based, end-to-end solutions – use brand to guide its evolving portfolio, and future customers?

The Solution

Through both quantitative and qualitative research, we learned that the SAP brand is a major driver in customers' decisions to buy SAP solutions. In elevating its brand, SAP could tell a simpler and more cohesive story, increasing purchase consideration across its portfolio while bringing clarity to it.

As brand agency of record, we've helped SAP develop a robust portfolio strategy, laying the foundation for simpler, more powerful experiences. SAP now has a framework for communicating new solutions more effectively, integrating acquired brands more seamlessly, and conveying its history of innovation with the next generation of customers and employees.

We developed a visual identity rooted in the idea of continuous movement and consistent innovation. Subtle enhancements to the SAP logo make it feel more contemporary. Designed to live in the digital world, the new mark springs vividly from the screen, on any background, connecting with both large-scale business clients and individual consumers.

To address the challenges SAP has historically had in building visual communications, we created a set of simple, proprietary visual tools that include: illustrations, imagery and photography guidelines; a fresh colour palette; and typography. These visual elements enable SAP to build a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints, including its website, events, and talent recruitment.

The Results

SAP’s rapidly growing cloud business makes it the fastest-growing enterprise cloud company at scale, and the largest cloud company in the world, with over 80 million users.

The way we present our brand to the world is a powerful signifier of who we are and where we are headed. The visual language of the evolved brand reveals an SAP that is more customer-centric, engaging and innovative than ever before.

Jonathan Becher, (former) Chief Digital Officer


SAP: the best run simple

In the midst of the global economic crises in 2008, SAP was facing many unprecedented challenges. With a keen opportunity to re-energise its leadership position by telling the SAP story visually, verbally and through customer experience, Siegel+Gale became, and still is, its AOR.

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